FIJI chapter wins multiple awards at State Day

By Carrie Gavit ’14

Hanover’s Phi Gamma Delta chapter showcases a group of men dedicated to bettering the campus, the community and the brotherhood, traits that last longer than the four years spent within the fraternity house.

Their hard work paid off last month when the Tau chapter won four awards at the FIJI State Day event held Feb. 9, beating all other Indiana schools in the process.

“Since we are relatively new back to Hanover, we hope to show that the chapter is back on track, serving our values and living them every day,” said junior chapter President Andrew Hanna, “Graduate brothers have been very pleased. To them, it is a positive message about the track which the undergraduate chapter is on. They are excited about our efforts.”

FIJI State Day is an annual event that takes place in Indianapolis, with representatives from the national organization and the brothers from all the chapters in Indiana. Throughout the event, workshops focus on what it means to be in the fraternity. About 300-400 men attend each year.

Hanover won two awards dealing with service, including Most Outstanding Community Service and Most Outstanding Community Service Event, which they won for the FIJI Football Run, a joint effort with Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

“We literally run a football from Terra Haute, Ind., to Hanover, Ind., or vice-versa, depending on who hosts the football game that particular year,” said Hanna, “We earned $25,000 for the American Red Cross.”

In addition to this service project, FIJI raised money to help the City of Elwood (Ind.) police department purchase a new dual purpose K9 dog and raised money for the Salvation Army Angel Tree program that provides Christmas presents to underprivileged children in the Hanover area.

Along with the service award, FIJI won for Most Outstanding Recruitment.

“Our recruitment process strives to recruit only potential brothers that would serve the values of Phi Gamma Delta well and not for (their) college days alone,” he added. “Friendship, knowledge, service, excellence and morality are what we look for in potential brothers. We recruit 365 days and also to replace ourselves in the fraternity.”

In between recruiting and service projects, Hanover’s FIJI chapter still remains one of the most involved fraternities on campus as well as in comparison to other FIJI chapters. For this, the chapter won the Best Campus Involvement award. The award also honors brothers who are involved in a campus organization or a sport.

“(Our) leadership pushes our brothers to get involved and stay involved, which again reiterates the values of our international fraternity,” said Hanna.

Winning these four awards at the FIJI State Day event displays Hanover’s FIJI Chapter’s dedication to re-establishing themselves as a well-rounded and dedicated fraternity on campus.

“I think the greatest benefit to winning awards is that we hope to show our graduate brothers, the Hanover College community and the general public that we are continually working to better our fraternity and the community at large,” said Hanna, “It helps fight the “Animal House” (stereotype) and that being part of a fraternity is not about partying. It is about helping brothers become men and contributing members of society. We have no higher mission.”

Junior Carrie Gavit is from Fishers, Ind. An English major, she edits the Career Center newsletter and is co-president of the student group People for Peace.