Center for Child Development

Contact Information

Kim Lyons: 812-866-6887

Our goal is to encourage each child's growth and development in physical, social, emotional and intellectual areas. Realizing that each child has a unique growth pattern, and that learning and understanding is a continuous process, the following goals have been developed with no specific deadline for mastery in mind.


  • Provide quality care and age appropriate activities for all children enrolled.
  • Provide a healthy and loving environment where children feel accepted, safe and secure.
  • Encourage the development of a positive self-image through positive reinforcement.
  • Foster independence in each child enrolled. We encourage independent dressing and proper washing techniques.
  • We seek to encourage respect for self as well as for others- understanding that one must first have self-respect before she/he is able to respect others.
  • Provide an environment rich in language, where children are encouraged to express themselves, are listened to and responded to by caregivers.
  • Provide an environment where children are free to make choices based on their interests.
  • Help the child develop socialization skills such as sharing, helping others, taking turns, and understanding of others feelings.
  • Encourage a sense of responsibility in children to finish what they've started and to help with care and putting away of materials.
  • Provide an attitude of cooperation in working with parents in the care and nurturing of their child. We support the families through parent involvement, parent conferences and resource and referral as needed.