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As a Hanover studio art student, you will travel to cities near and far to study historical masterpieces. But your experience will be decidedly 21st century. At Hanover, you will explore the breadth of media at your fingertips in the modern world – from drawing to painting to sculpture to photography – and discover for yourself which medium best expresses your vision in a particular work of art. This interdisciplinary experience, rather than intense focus on a single form, will help you become a critical thinker and problem-solver. Best of all, you’ll find at Hanover inspiring faculty artists and a supportive environment where you can explore your own style and strengths.

Creative assets

Hanover art studio students say they especially like the program’s:

Inclusiveness – Unlike other schools, all materials are provided, so majors and non-majors can participate without worrying about the high cost of art supplies. And no portfolio is required.

Classroom spaces – Every studio class has its own room where students can leave their art and work on it at any time during the day. The classroom “belongs” to the class, and they can see the development of other students and spend their creative time productively.

"After graduating from Hanover with a degree in studio art, I served in the Peace Corps for two years in Malawi (Africa). Now I am starting my second year teaching Earth science to inner-city kids in Houston."

Sarah Oblon '03

Low-cost trips – Each year, majors and non-majors take art-related trips that are underwritten by an endowment for the arts funded by Mary Louise Greiner. Recent destinations have included:

  • Nashville
  • Memphis
  • Detroit
  • Toledo
  • Kansas City
  • Washington, D.C.
  • New York City

What do studio art majors study?

  • Drawing
  • Basic design
  • 2D and 3D art
  • Mixed media
  • Art history
  • Other topics that interest you, from printmaking to photography

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