Studio Art Courses

ART 113Drawing I1An introduction to drawing and composition using largely black and white media to develop figurative and nonfigurative expression. Topics include basic fundamentals, perspective, anatomy, landscape, still life and personal expression. Fee charged.
ART 211Basic Design1Creative perceptual and conceptual problem solving in two dimensional and three-dimensional form. Fundamental explorations in Color Theory, Line, Edge, Shape, Form, Mass, Scale, and Space. A blending of Design Principles, Techniques, Materials, History of Design, Theory, and Philosophy of Design. Fee charged.
ART 221Figure Drawing I1Further exploration of the figure with emphasis on color, pen and ink, charcoal and mixed media. Prerequisite: 113 or permission of instructor. Fee charged.
ART 222Ceramics1Through hand-building and throwing techniques, this course introduces the nature of clay and emphasizes the process of creating ceramics from concept to finished product. Fee charged.
ART 232Sculpture1This course introduces three-dimensional, non-utilitarian art forms, space, and content while developing an individualized creative process. A variety of material will be used with the emphasis on wood assembly and construction techniques. Fee charged.
ART 233Printmaking1A basic understanding of printmaking as an art form. An introduction to basic techniques such as monotype, relief, and intaglio. Prerequisite: 110, 113, or 211. Fee charged.
ART 234Painting1Introduction to the techniques of painting; composition; techniques; media; styles. Subjects include preparations of painting surfaces, painting processes and framing and exhibiting. Prerequisites: Either 113 or 211. Fee charged.
ART 243Photography1An introduction to the photographic process as applied to creative art forms, history and philosophy. Extensive studio experiences emphasizing the black and white still photograph as an art form. Prerequisite: 113, 211, 232, 323, ArtH 112, or 328. Fee charged.
ART 321Figure Drawing II1A continuation of the exploration of using the figure as subject, leading towards a greater independence and personal creative and conceptual development. PrerequisiteL Art 221 or 223. Fee charged.
ART 322Ceramics II1A continuation of the exploration of ceramic techniques moving toward a greater independence and personal aesthetic and conceptual development. Prerequisite: Art 222. Fee charged.
ART 323Contemporary Art Practices1An interdisciplinary exploration of the combination of methods used in both two- and three-dimensional art forms, allowing students to work toward an integration of material, image, and artist, leading to creation of work based on connections discovered among music, poetry, literature, performing, and visual arts. Fee charged.
ART 332Sculpture II1This course is a further exploration of materials and techniques in sculpture and installation art, leading to personal conceptual advancement. Prerequisite: Art 232. Fee charged.
ART 333Printmaking II1A continuation of the exploration of printmaking techniques moving toard a great independence and personal creative and conceptual development. Prerequisite: Art 233. Fee charged.
ART 334Painting II1A continuation of the exploration of compostion and painting techniques moving toward a greater independence and personal aesthetic and conceptual development. Prerequisite: Art 234. Fee charged.
ART 343Photography II1A continuation of the exlporation of photographic and new media techniques moving towards a greater independence and personal conceptual and creative development. Prerequisite: Art 243. Fee charged.
ART 350Drawing Abroad1Focus on the development of ideas and visual stimuli through sketchbook investigations. Extensive drawing done on site from master art works in major museums abroad.
ART 401Senior Seminar0.25Focuses on the professional development of the artist, including learning to give an artist lecture; short studies; write a vita; solicit exhibitions; write artist statements; hang and light exhibitions; frame, package, and ship works; and present a graduate portfolio. Prerequisite: Junior portfolio review (at end of junior year). .25 unit.

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