Art History Courses

ARTH 111History of Eastern Art1A general introduction to the art of the ancient civilizations and traditional arts of Asia, focusing on India, China and Japan. Topics covered include Buddhist and Hindu art, landscape painting, sculpture, woodblock print, and important monuments in East Asian art. Satisfies the Other Cultures LADR.
ARTH 112History of Western Art1A historical survey from cave paintings to present. The course deals with Western art forms derived from the Near East, Europe and the United States.
ARTH 211Arts and Cultures of China1An introduction to major artistic traditions in China. Topics include art and ritual, visual arts and the quest for immortality, Buddhist art, landscape painting, palace architecture, and modern and contemporary art. Satisfies the Other Cultures LADR.
ARTH 212Arts and Cultures of Japan1An introduction to important works of sculpture, architecture and painting from prehistory through the nineteenth century, including Shinto shrines, Buddhist art, narrative scrolls, Zen art, and woodblock prints. Satisfies the Other Cultures LADR.
ARTH 328Contemporary Art1Analysis of contemporary art, its forms and display. Role of museums as exhibitor. Study of modern criticism and its role as interpreter of contemporary art. Field trips to major museums and galleries.
ARTH 339Ancient Art and Architecture1The exploration of the history of painting, sculpture and architecture in the art of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome. Offered alternate years.
ARTH 341Medieval Art and Architecture1A concentration on monasteries, cathedrals and castles with their related manuscripts, sculptures and stained glass during the Romanesque and Gothic eras. Offered alternate years.
ARTH 342Renaissance Art and Architecture1Italian art from the Late Gothic through Mannerist periods, studied in its social context. Offered alternate years.
ARTH 343Baroque & 18th Cent Art/Architectur1European art seen in relation to the periods of the Counter-Reformation, the Age of Absolutism and the Enlightenment. Offered alternate years.
ARTH 34419th Century Art and Architecture1A survey of art extending from the revolutionary eras in America and France to the beginnings of modernist art at the turn of the century. Offered alternate years.
ARTH 345Art in the United States1A survey of American art and architecture from the revolution to World War II. Field trips are a required element of this class. Offered alternate years. Not open to students with credit in GW 121-122.
ARTH 348Modern and Contemporary Chinese Art1Visual arts created by Chinese artists from the mid-19th century to the present day, focusing on innovative responses to the dynamic relationship between traditional Chinese art, artistic movements in the west, and sociopolitical changes in China. Satisfies the Other Cultures LADR.

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