Biology Courses

BIO 161Ecology and Evolution1An introduction to the scientific study of life with an emphasis on evolution, ecology and classical genetics. The nature and practice of science will be examined throughout the course. For prospective pre-health-profession students and natural science majors. Partially satisfies the Natural World LADR. This class is open only to first-year students.
BIO 165Concepts of Biology1An historical approach to explore the development of primary topics in modern biology such as mechanisms of inheritance and diversification of life on Earth via the process of evolution. The nature and practice of science will be examined throughout the course. Does not require college-level chemistry. Partially satisfies Natural World LADR. Not open to students with prior credit in Bio 161 or equivalent.
BIO 185Cell and Molecular Biology1An introduction to the scientific study of life with emphasis on the chemistry of life, cells, and physiology. For prospective natural science majors and pre-health-profession students. Prerequisite: Bio 161.
BIO 221Genetics1A survey of molecular, organismal, and population genetics. Laboratory work illustrates basic genetic principles and modern laboratory techniques. Prerequisites: 185. Prerequisite/co-requisite: Che 161 or equivalent.
BIO 225Entomology1The study and identification of insects with an emphasis on field work, life cycles, classification, curation, ecology, and economic impacts of insects. Prerequisite: Bio 161 or Bio 165.
BIO 227Herpetology1A study of the biology of amphibians and reptiles. Topics covered include classification, evolution, ecology, physiology, behavior and conservation. Emphasis on the amphibians and reptiles of southeastern Indiana and field research methods. Prerequisite: 161.
BIO 231Biodiversity1An introduction to the biological diversity of earth. Topics covered include analysis of the form and function of the major taxonomic groups: protists, fungi, plants, and animals, the origin of life, the evolutionary history of life on earth, and principles of biological classification. Prerequisite: 185.
BIO 234Plant Taxonomy1Identification of higher plants with emphasis on the native flora; emphasis on the use of keys, principles of classification, field work, and herbarium methods. Prerequisite: 161.
BIO 308Directed Research0.25Field or laboratory research performed under the direction of a professor. Prerequisite: permission of directing professor. Graded Pass/Fail. .25 unit.
BIO 309Directed Research0.5Field or laboratory research performed under the direction of a professor. Prerequisite: permission of directing professor. Graded Pass/Fail. 0.5 unit.
BIO 312Conservation Biology1Study of the conservation of genetic, species, and ecosystem diversity. Synthesis of perspectives from population and community ecology, population genetics, biogeography, economics, and sociology. Prerequisite: 231.
BIO 313Plant Anatomy and Physiology1Study of vascular plant structure and function as adaptations to the terrestrial environment. Lectures, discussions, laboratories, and field trips. Prerequisite: 231.
BIO 314Molecular Biology1A detailed survey of gene structure, function, regulation, and replication as well as the experimental techniques used to understand these phenomena. Prerequisite: 221.
BIO 315Ecology1Study of interactions of organisms and their environments; emphasis on energy flow, nutrient cycling, and equilibrium processes in ecosystems. Lectures, field projects, preparation of scientific reports, and laboratories. Prerequisite: 231.
BIO 316Animal Behavior1A study of the behavior of animals, with emphasis on the ecology and evolution of behavior and the applicability of the principles of animal behavior to humans. Prerequisite: 231.
BIO 317Vertebrate Biology1A study of the biology of the vertebrates, including the evolutionary history, ecology, behavior, and structure and function of the major vertebrate groups. Lab includes dissection of representative vertebrates and field studies with local vertebrate species. Prerequisite: Bio 231. Offered alternate years.
BIO 318Research Methods1Techniques for conducting investigations in the biological sciences: scientific reasoning, literature reviews, design of experiments, analysis of data (including statistical analysis), oral and written presentation of results and the preparation of research proposals. Prerequisite: Bio 221 or 231.
BIO 328Immunology1Introduction of both theories and techniques in the field of immunology. Prerequisite: 221.
BIO 332Evolution1An analysis of the process of evolution. Topics cover the history of evolutionary thought, evidence for the evolution of life, mechanisms of evolutionary change, and the history of life on earth. Special emphasis will be placed on current research and developing an experimental evolutionary approach. Lectures, discussions, field and laboratory experiments. Prerequisite: 231.
BIO 333Microbiology1A study of the structure and function of bacteria and related organisms. Prerequisite: 221.
BIO 335Principles of Systematics1An introduction to the theory and practice of biological classification, taxonomy, and systematics. Topics covered include the description, naming, and identity of species, construction and analysis of phylogenetic trees, and exploration of the evolution of molecular and morphological characters. Prerequisites: Bio 221 or Bio 231.
BIO 336Cell Biology1A study of the evolution, structure, and functioning of cells. Topics include membranes, bioenergetics, intracellular sorting, the cytoskeleton, cell communication, and cellular mechanisms of development. Laboratory emphasis on the methodology of cell biology. Prerequisite: 221.
BIO 380Directed Research1Field or laboratory research performed under the direction of a professor. Prerequisite: Permission of directing professor. Graded Pass/Fail.

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