English Courses

ENG 218Viking Myths & Legends1A study of the earliest literature of the Northern Germanic peoples, including the mythology of the Poetic Edda, the legendary sagas of the migration age, and the Icelandic family sagas.
ENG 219Love and Death: Star-Crossed Lovers1This course explores the legendary theme of the Liebestod, or Death in Love from antiquity to the present day. These tragic love stories, including Tristan and Isolde and Romeo and Juliette, involve lovers who encounter insurmountable social obstacles that lead to their untimely deaths, making them some fo the most enduring love stories of all time.
ENG 220Structure of the English Language1An introduction to the formal study of the English language, with emphasis on phonology, morphology, and syntax. Satisfies the Abstract and Formal Reasoning LADR.
ENG 231Literary Genres1Analysis and appreciation of literature from a particular literary genre, to be determined by the instructor. Cannot apply to the major and minor in English.
ENG 240Literary Analysis1An introduction to basic techniques of literary analysis, with emphasis on close reading and group discussion. Texts will typically focus upon a particular theme or genre. This writing-intensive course is designed for students with strong interests in literature, and as a foundation course for majors and minors.
ENG 243Survey I: Early Literature1Survey of selected masterpieces of the world's early literary traditions.
ENG 244Survey II: Medieval Literature1Survey of major works from the beginning of English literature to about 1500.
ENG 245Survey III:Renaissance & Resto1Survey of major works.
ENG 246Survey IV: Eng. Lit. 1700-19001Survey of major works.
ENG 247Survey V: American Lit to 19001Introduction to American literature, from its beginnings to 1900.
ENG 251American Journalism1An introductory course that explores the theoretical and practical sides of contemporary newspaper, magazine, and Internet journalism. Topics may include history and evolution of U.S. print media, their ethics, and their role in American society today. Intensive work on reporting and writing. In-class discussion of student work. Identical to Com 251.
ENG 26520th C Irish Literature and History1An off-campus course in Ireland focusing on the relationship between 20th Century Irish History and Literature, with particular attention to literary and historical views of the War for Independence, the Civil War, the the Troubles.
ENG 32120th-Century Poetry1Significant works of poetry in England and the United States since 1900. Practice in the close reading of poetry.
ENG 32220th-Century Fiction1Significant works of fiction in England and the United States since 1900.
ENG 324The Short Story1A study of the development of the short story as a literary art form.
ENG 325African-American Literature1A study of the literature of African-American women and men from the 18th century to the present. Offered alternate years.
ENG 326Women in Fiction1A study of portrayals of the female personality in selected writings of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.
ENG 327Arthurian Literature1A study of Arthurian legend in selected works of literature and art from Middle Ages to the present.
ENG 330English Novel in 18th Century1Intensive study of representative English novels from 1719-1813. Offered alternate years.
ENG 33119th - Century English Novel1Intensive study of representative English novels from 1818-1903. Offered alternate years.
ENG 334Shakespeare1Selected plays of Shakespeare, examined both as literature and as theatre. Offered on campus alternate years.
ENG 336Modern Drama1Significant dramatic works from Ibsen to the present. Offered alternate years.
ENG 338American Renaissance1A study of U.S. literature, 1836-1861. Offered alternate years.
ENG 339US Literature 1865-19171Offered alternate years.
ENG 340Law and Literature1Intensive study of actual legal cases and literature frame around concepts of law and legal issues.
ENG 347Chaucer1The major works of the great 14th-century English poet Geoffrey Chaucer, read in Middle English.
ENG 348Shakespeare in England1Selected plays of Shakespeare in performance, together with the cultural settings from which they emerged. Identical to Thr 348. Offered in Stratford-upon-Avon in Spring Term alternate years. Permission of the instructor is required.
ENG 350Florence of Dante & Petrarch1Studies in the history and literature of Florence in the 13th and 14th centuries. Taught in Florence in Spring Term alternate years. Identical to His 350. Permission of the instructor is required.
ENG 351Non-Fiction Workshop1Guided practice in the writing of non-fictional prose. Class discussion of papers. Not a remedial course.
ENG 352Fiction & Poetry Workshop1An introductory course in creative writing. Student work is presented and critically reviewed in seminar sessions.
ENG 353Studies in Poetry1A seminar, primarily for junior English majors, on a relatively specific topic within the genre. Prerequisites: junior major status or permission.
ENG 354Studies in Fiction1A seminar, primarily for junior English majors, on a relatively specific topic within the genre. Prerequisites: junior major status or permission.
ENG 356Studies in Drama1A seminar, primarily for junior English majors, on a relatively specific topic within the genre. Prerequisites: junior major status or permission.

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