Environmental Science Courses

ENV 260Special Topics1
ENV 360Special Topics1
ENV 201Environmental Science Seminar0.25An interdisciplinary seminar that will introduce students to the environmental sciences. Must first be taken by students in the freshman or sophomore year. May also be taken by students not enrolled in the Environmental Science Minor. Pass/Fail only. .25 unit. Offered Winter Term only.
ENV 265Global Environmental Change1Introduction to the influence of human civilization on Earth's environmental systems: describes the natural components of these systems and their interactions, places humans within these systems, details the affects of human activity, and suggests alternative human practices that lessen the severity of their impacts. Laboratories emphasize practical, project-based experience.
ENV 401Environmental Science Seminar0.25An interdisciplinary seminar that will serve as the culminating experience for seniors as they complete the Environmental Science Minor. Students will make a presentation of their work related to the Environmental Science Minor. Must be taken in the senior year. Pass/Fail only. 0.25 unit. Offered Winter Term only.

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