At Hanover, the study of a modern language is rooted in activities and readings that help students see the world with the perspective of another culture. You will learn to use language as a tool that connects cultures, business and individuals. You’ll learn far more than good spelling and grammar. You will expand your cultural awareness through the study of civilization, culture and literature and become  a global citizen. Since languages are best learned through immersion, all classes are taught entirely in German. You are encouraged to seize the many opportunities to interact in German in the community and abroad.

Study abroad

Eat, sleep and drink German for a full semester at Philipps Universität-Marburg in Marburg, Germany. Short-term opportunities for language and culture study in Germany are also available during Spring Term.

On-campus immersion

A number of extracurricular activities provide opportunities for you to enrich your language and social experiences at Hanover. Deutsche Spielrunde, held once a month in the Science Hall lobby, provides students and faculty a chance for German conversation and fun. Members of Deutsche Gespräche also meet once a month for more in-depth discussions on important topics.

What do German majors study? 

  • German language classes 
  • German conversation and culture 
  • German literature 
  • And other topics that interest you, from German dynasties to German business
Previous graduates' career and professional placements have included:
  • Assistant to Director, Deutsche Telekom Incorporated (Chicago) 
  • Secondary Language Teaching throughout the Midwest 
  • English Teacher (Prague, Czech Republic) 
  • McKinley Explorer (Holland)

Graduate school placements have included: 

  • University of North Carolina 
  • Brandeis School of Law 
  • University of Louisville 
  • College of William & Mary 
  • New York University 
  • University of Cincinnati

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