Health and Movement Courses

HF 101Lifetime Health and Fitness0.5Health and Fitness. Examines patterns of exercise, diet, fitness attitudes, and other issues of health, with special focus on analyzing one's own personal health patterns, designing a health plan, and evaluating health-related information. Partially satisfies HF LADR. Must be completed by the end of sophomore year. .5 credit. Fee charged.
HF 105Essential Mvmnt for Elem. Children0.5The rationale and methodology for guiding children in motor skills and activities, including creative movement. Includes designing a program for elementary school children as well as experience in a public school. (Counts as 0.25 credit toward the HFA LADR requirement.) 0.50 unit.
HF 202Teaching Secondary Phys. Education0.5Rules, safety measures, etiquette, strategies and techniques of various leisure activities, including archery, badminton, folk and square dance, and orienteering. Focus is on the application of teaching principles to programs in physical education at the secondary level. .50 unit.
HF 203Foundations of Athletic Skills0.5Skill development for team and individual sports. .50 unit.
HF 204First Aid & CPR0.5Wounds, injuries, diabetic emergencies, bites and stings, drugs and poisoning, burns, temperature extremes, splinting, transportation, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. .50 unit.
HF 231Personal and Community Health1Emphasizes both the personal and community commitment toward the maintenance of health and the prevention of illness. Focus is on the development of personal lifestyles of optimal wellness over the life span. Health issues include nutrition, physical fitness, drugs, sexuality, infectious and non-infectious diseases, cancer, cardiovascular health, psychological health, consumerism, safety, environmental health, and death and dying. Prerequisite: HF 101.
HF 325Care & Prevention - Ahtletic Injury1An exploration of various sports and activity related injuries. Specifically, the prevention, recognition, immediate care, and general rehabilitation of the most common and most severe sports and activity related injuries. The course will cover diagnosis of injuries, preventative taping and bracing techniques, common treatment methods, and a general conceptive understanding of general rehabilitation techniques. Prerequisite: KIP 215.

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