If you love watching movies set in the past, reading historical fiction or re-enacting history at military encampments you understand history is alive. As a Hanover history major, you will study much more than just names and dates. You may delve into the causes of the Holocaust, the sources of Lincoln's greatness, the role of technology in war, our roles as members of a family, the triumph of Enlightenment rationalism, the meaning of our Constitution, the role of Christianity in China and much more. In  other words, you learn to search for an interpretation of the past. At Hanover, as you learn to understand the past, you build the perspective and critical-thinking skills that enable you to succeed in a fast-changing world.

Learning in and outside the classroom

A typical history class involves discussing big ideas and doing close analysis of texts, especially primary sources. Outside the classroom, students enjoy:

  • The History Club, a student organization that sponsors a variety of fun academic and social activities to bring history enthusiasts together, such as film screenings and discussions 
  • The Hanover Historical Review, which publishes original historical research by students 
  • Summer internships with historical groups and societies 
  • Independent research projects under faculty guidance

What do history majors study?

History majors work with their advisors to develop a well-balanced program from different areas of the history curriculum. You can choose from a wide array of topics such as:

  • American military history 
  • Tsarist Russia 
  • Early modern Europe 
  • Greek history 
  • Roman history 
  • The Renaissance 
  • French Revolution and Napoleon 
  • History of China 
  • History of Japan 
  • And many more

A sampling of the graduate schools recent history students have entered:

  • Indiana University (law) 
  • New England Culinary Institute 
  • Morehead State University (history) 
  • Purdue University (sports management) 
  • University of Cincinnati (art history) 
  • University of Sydney, Australia (museum studies) 
  • University of Texas at Austin (history) 
  • Wake Forest University (law)

A sampling of the careers recent history students have entered:

  • Americorps volunteer 
  • Author 
  • College admissions counselor 
  • Computer technician 
  • Insurance agent 
  • Restaurant manager 
  • Teacher (high school) 
  • Teacher (elementary school)

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