International Studies Courses

ANTH 112  Introduction to Anthropology
Followed by a geographical area course at the 200-level or higher (**):
ANTH 232  Native North American Cultures**
ANTH 238  Middle East: Peoples and Cultures**
ANTH 241  North and East Africa: Peoples and Cultures**
ANTH 260  South and East Africa: Peoples and Cultures**
Other courses that satisfy the five other courses requirement:
ANTH 222  World Ethnographies
ANTH 259  Immigration and Transnationalism
ANTH 260  Special Topics
ANTH 311  World of Islam
ANTH 316  Comparative Spiritual Traditions
ANTH 332  Food, Body, and Culture    
ANTH 333  Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion
ANTH 336  Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective    
ANTH 424  Theory in Anthropology


ECO 114 Principles of Macroeconomics

Followed by one of the following:
ECO 214  Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECO 222  Economics of the European Union (in Belgium)
ECO 223  Economics of Poverty and Discrimination  (113, 114, or 161 prerequisite)
ECO 260  Special Topics
ECO 333  International Trade and Finance
ECO 337  Economic Development (113 or 114 prerequisite)
ECO 360  Special Topics


Introductory Courses
HIS 162  Modern Politics II: East Asia
HIS 215  The West: Ancient to Medieval
HIS 216  The West: Renaissance to 1800
HIS 217  The West: 1800 to the Present

American History

The Search for Order, 1877-1945
Modern America, 1945-Present

European History

HIS 242  The Soviet Union
HIS 245  Studies in Modern Europe
HIS 325  The Holocaust
HIS 349  Nazi Germany
HIS 360J Britain in the Age of Empire

Advanced Courses in Asian, Latin American, and World History

HIS 261  The World Outside the West, 1500-Present
HIS 264  The World Since 1945
HIS 266  History of China
HIS 267  History of Japan
HIS 268  History of Modern Science
HIS 345  The Renaissance
HIS 362  Modern China
HIS 365  History of the Middle East

Interdisciplinary Courses Satisfying the “Five Other Courses” Category

ID  210  Africa and the Americas I: Society and Literature in Africa
ID  211  Africa and the Americas II: Society and Literature in the Americas
MS 125  Eurasia: Modern Societies from 1600 to 1850
MS 126  Eurasia: Modern Societies from 1850 to present
INS 161 Modern Africa I
ANTH 161 Modern Africa II

Modern Language Courses Satisfying the “Five Other Courses” Category

FRE 161  Francophone Multiculturalism
FRE 227  Off-Campus French Conversation in Contemporary Context
FRE 239  French Civilization and Culture Before 1900
FRE 240  Contemporary French Business and Culture
FRE 310  Studies in French Literature and Culture
FRE 311  Studies in Francophone Literatures and Cultures
GER 161  The Great German Dynasties    
GER 227  Off-Campus German Conversation in Contemporary Context
GER 230  German Culture and Civilization
GER 240  Studies in German Literature and Culture
GER 246  German History from the Beginnings to World War I
GER 247  German History, 1945-Present
MS 120    Latin American Cinema
SPA 227  Spanish Conversation and Culture
SPA 230  Spanish Culture and Civilization
SPA 231  Spanish American Culture and Civilization
SPA 321  Film and the Spanish Speaking World
SPA 333  The Development of Spanish-American Literature
SPA 337  Studies in Latin American Literature and Culture
SPA 439  The Clash of Cultures 

Natural Science Courses Satisfying the “Five Other Courses” Category

GEO 165  Global Environmental Change

Political Science

PLS 231  World Politics (Required)
PLS 211  Politics and Society in Contemporary Africa
PLS 212  American Foreign Policy
PLS 217  Latin American Politics
PLS 218  European Politics
PLS 219  Middle Eastern Politics
PLS 220  Politics and Society in Contemporary Asia
PLS 225  Women in the Developing World
PLS 331  International Law & Organization
PLS 335  International Political Economy    
PLS 337  Field Study of the United Nations

Research Methods Courses Satisfying  the “Five Other Courses” Category

One of the following:
MAT 217   Applied Statistics
PLS 239     Research Methods
SOC 320    Research Methods and Statistics
ANTH 325 Research Methods in Anthropology
ECO 257    Quantitative Methods for Business and Economics
HIS 371      Historical Research        

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