Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology Courses

KIP 161Intro to Kinesiology & Intgrtv Phys1This course serves as an introduction to exercise science, including metabolism, effects of exercise training, body composition, nutrition and principles of exercise adherence. Labs will provide opportunities to develop and test research questions and write scientifically. Partially satisfies Natural World LADR.
KIP 215Human Anatomy1A structural survey of the human body covering the muscular, skeletal, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, urinary, repro- ductive, and integumentary systems. Laboratory. Not recommended for first-year students. Prerequisite: Bio 165, 185 or KIP 161.
KIP 225Nutrition1The study of the nutrients in foods and of the body's handling of them, including: ingestion, digestion, absorption, transport, metabolism, interaction, storage, and excretion. Emphasis will be placed on the effect nutrition plays on health and weight management.
KIP 230Physiology1An introduction to principles of vertebrate physiology, with special emphasis on humans, using an integrative approach to basic physiology of cells through considerations of major organs and organ systems. Prerequisite: KIP 215.
KIP 325Advanced Concepts Personal Training1This course requires in-depth analysis of anatomical, physiological, nutritional and biomechanical principles necessary for the design and implementation of personal training programs for individuals. Emphasis will be placed on physical activity as an effective tool for enhancement of health, fitness and disease prevention. Prerequisite: KIP 345.
KIP 326Biomechanics1The study of motion and the effect of forces on biological systems, using the principles of mechanics for solving problems related to the structure and function of living organisms. The course will include analyzing human movement by both quantita- tive and qualitative means. Laboratory. Prerequisite: KIP 215.
KIP 327Physiology of Exercise1The description and explanation of functional changes brought about by acute or chronic exercise. Topics include bioenergetics, neuromuscular concepts related to exercise, cardio-respiratory considerations, physical training, nutrition and body composition, and the use of ergogenic aids in improving the exercise response. Laboratory. Prerequisite: KIP 230.
KIP 328Pathophysiology1The study of disease processes and the influence of the acute and chronic effects of exercise. Topics will include but not be limited to cardiovascular disease, cancer, osteoporosis, obesity, neurological disease and diabetes. Prerequisite: KIP 230.
KIP 329Cardiopulmonary Assessment1The course includes assessment of hemodynamic responses and evaluations of EKGs in the coronary heart disease, heart failure and obstructive lung disease populations. Topics consist of but are not limited to a review of effects of exercise in prevention and as a rehabilitative measure. Prerequisite: KIP 230.
KIP 330Psychology of Human Performance1This course provides a broad overview for understanding the behavior of individuals engaged in sport, exercise, and exercise testing protocols. Content areas include personality and factors that affect motivation, performance in groups, the psychological effects of participation in sport and exercise, barriers to physical activity participation, factors affecting exercise testing performance, and practical strategies for assisting those engaged in sport and exercise programs. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior standing.
KIP 341Research Methods and Data Analysis1Scientific measurement approaches used in exercise science research, including research design and interpretation of data. Prerequisite: KIP 327; Math 217.
KIP 345Exercise Testing and Prescription1Examines the theoretical and applied aspects of exercise testing and exercise prescription. Modes of exercise testing used in predicting disease and assessing fitness levels. Emphasis on collection and interpretation of data from fitness test- ing and the design of personalized exercise programs. Laboratory. Prerequisite: KIP 230.

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