Psychology Courses

PSY 111Basic Principles of Psychology1Overview of the fundamental processes common to all areas of psychology.
PSY 113Psychology and Science Fiction1Uses classic and contemporary science fiction films and literature to explore aspects of mental and social life. Will explore issues of artificial intelligence, consciousness and emotion, what it means to be human, and what happens when one is excluded from that category. May include sessions that explore an anthropological approach to this topic.
PSY 162Neuropsychology1An investigation of the function of the nervous system, brain, and behavior. Includes laboratory experience. Partially satisfies Natural World LADR. Prerequisite: Bio 161 or 165.
PSY 164Sensation and Perception1Investigates the basic processes by which humans gather information about the surrounding world. Considers psychophysical methods and the major senses. Includes laboratory experience. Partially satisfies Natural World LADR.
PSY 201Qualitative Research Methods0.5Alternative research methods in psychology will be considered, including interpretive methods, phenomenology, case studies, interview studies, and naturalistic observation. Prerequisites: Psy 111 and Psy 220. .50 unit.
PSY 220Research Design & Statistics1Consideration of the basic design of psychological research (experimental, correlational, survey, case study, etc.) and the analysis, interpretation and presentation of data. Prerequisites: 111 and Mat 217. Should be completed before junior year.
PSY 231Personality Theory1Examines the development, structure, and functioning of personality as formulated by various theorists. Reviews research, assessment methods, and clinical applications associated with various theories. Considers psychodynamic, humanistic, trait, and cognitive-behavioral theories. Prerequisite: 111.
PSY 233Psychology of Gender1Examines psychological theory and research on gender. Addresses societal expectations for women and men, empirical research that supports or fails to support common beliefs about differences between the sexes, and the relationship between gender and many traditional issues in psychology (e.g., parenting, achievement and romantic relationships.) Prerequisite: Psy 111 or GndS 111.
PSY 243Behavior Disorders1Consideration of the symptoms (diagnosis), antecedents (etiology), and treatment (therapy) of various forms of psychopathology, including anxiety, psychosis, personality disorders, and depression. Prerequisite: 111.
PSY 244Childhood and Adolescence1Examines the growth and transformation of basic psychological processes from prenatal development through adolescence. Considers inborn mechanisms, physiological growth, cognitive and emotional growth, social development, personality and moral development. Prerequisite: 111.
PSY 250The Psychology of Film1Examines the psychological and rhetorical qualities of film as they apply to filmmakers, audiences, and cinematic texts. An interdisciplinary approach integrates experimental, qualitative, and interpretive research from the domains of psychology, mass communication, film studies, and literary criticism. Identical to Com 250. Prerequisite: 111 or Com 212 or Com 242.
PSY 309Research Practicum0.25Offers practical experience with important research skills, and detailed knowledge of specialized topics, through participation in a faculty member's ongoing research program. Experiences may include any of: gathering and analyzing information to develop research proposals; study design; data collection; statistical analysis; written and oral presentation of results. Offered every term. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. .25 unit. May be repeated for credit for a total of four terms.
PSY 332Counseling & Psychotherapy1Survey of the theoretical and practical concerns involved in helping people with emotional problems, emphasizing both individual and group techniques. Includes a practicum. Prerequisites: 231 and 243.
PSY 333Cognitive Psychology1Introduction to the higher mental processes, including attention, memory, language, and problem solving. Includes laboratory components and research projects. Prerequisites: 220 and either 162 or 164.
PSY 337Learning1Examines the basic processes of human and animal learning. Includes a laboratory component and research project. Prerequisites: 220 and either 162 or 164.
PSY 344Social Psychology1A general examination of how individuals are influenced by the real or imagined presence of other people. Topics include: the self, social perception, stereotyping and prejudice, attitudes, helping, group processes, aggression, and others. Includes empirical and application-oriented projects. Includes laboratory component. Prerequisite: 220.
PSY 346Adulthood and Aging1Examines psychological changes throughout adulthood, including physiological changes, cognitive and emotional changes, changes in social relationships, and personality. Includes coverage of developmental theories as they apply to adulthood and examines the developmental processes of aging and of death and dying. Includes laboratory component and research project. Prerequisites: 220 or KIP 341.
PSY 401Advanced Research0.5A forum for developing a sensitivity to psychological research ethics, design, and methods (including statistics). Offered Fall Term of senior year, Prerequisites: 220 and senior standing. .50 unit.
PSY 462Research Seminar1A seminar for exploring significant psychological research questions. A laboratory component is scheduled for the design and conduct of student initiated collaborative projects. Culminating Experience in Psychology. Offered Winter Term of senior year. Prerequisite: 401.

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