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Why Study Sociology?

As a Hanover sociology student, you will learn to step outside your own class, ethnicity and gender to see the world from other points on the social spectrum. You will quickly apply your class work in practical settings. Maybe your class will visit the penitentiary or homeless shelter. Maybe you will travel to Arizona to study Native American sociology or to a major European city to study urban society. You will grow to understand the large social forces and structures that impact lives and how we can affect them. With highly dedicated and accessible faculty, you will build the scientific and interpersonal skills needed for success in the social sciences.

Did you know?

For the past five years, Hanover sociology students have scored in the 95th to 99th percentile on the Educational Testing Service Examination in Sociology administered to students nationwide.

What do sociology majors study?

"Thanks to Hanover's sociology department, I am a critical thinker - able to understand complex social issues - and strong communicator. These skills are the root of my success."

Jessica Hoover Journey '09

  • Research methods and statistics 
  • Sociological theory 
  • Social inequality 
  • Micro sociology 
  • Institutions 
  • Deviance and law 
  • Social dynamics 
  • Other topics that interest you, from globalization to environmental sociology to the sociology of families


Previous graduates' career and professional placements have included:

  •   Executive, Fifth Third Bank (Cincinnati)
  •   Statistician, U.S. Government (Washington D.C.)
  •   Urban Planner, City of Indianapolis
  •   Human Rights Activist (Central America)
  •   Fashion Designer (Denver, Colorado)
  •   Sociology Professor, University of Maryland
  •   Attorney (Lexington, Kentucky)
  •   Social Worker (Los Angeles, California)
  •   School Counselor (Bloomington, Indiana)

  Graduate and medical school placements have included:

  •   Indiana University School of Law - Indianapolis
  •   Vanderbilt University   
  •   Louisville Presbyterian Seminary
  •   Purdue University   
  •   Ohio State University  
  •   UCLA 
  •   Indiana University
  •   University of Sydney   
  •   Clemson University

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