Sociology Courses

SOC 119Globalization1Examines the process, causes, and consequences of globalization with a particular focus on such areas as the expansion of capitalism and its consequences, power and politics, poverty, changes in various kinds of inequalities such as class, race, ethnicity and gender, cultural adaptation and clash of cultures, nationalism, transnationalism, and emerging international social systems, technology, religious change and clash of religions, rising population environment factors such as pollution, depletion and storage of waste, and terrorism. Open to first-year students only. Spring Term.
SOC 164Introduction to Sociology1Examines links between micro and macro (institutional, national and global) levels of social interaction and the impact of macro level social forces on our everyday lives. Topics include group influence on individuals, socialization, culture, deviance, race, class and gender inequalities; institutions and organizations, population trends, and social change. Partially satisfies Modern Society LADR.
SOC 216Juvenile Delinquency1Examination of juvenile crime and the juvenile justice system. Explores the nature and extent of delinquency, theories of delinquency, empirical research on delinquency, and historical and contemporary efforts to control and prevent delinquency. Prerequisites: Soc 164
SOC 219Social Problems1Analysis of causes and consequences of and possible solutions to social problems. Issues include such topics as poverty, racial and gender discrimination, crime, population, environment, prostitution, pornography, sexual orientations, and problems of family and work. Prerequisite: Soc 164.
SOC 222World Ethnographies1Examines vastly different cultures from around the world through the reading and study of ethnography--richly descriptive and analytic accounts of particular cultures.. Identical to Anth 222. Prerequisite: Anth 162 or Soc 164. Satisfies Other Cultures LADR.
SOC 225Sociology of Families1Systems analysis of marriages and families; diversity of family types; mate selection processes; changing functions, structures, and roles; socio-legal issues; elements of healthy and dysfunctional families; break-up and reconstitution; and family policy. Prerequisite: Soc 164 or GndS 111.
SOC 226Law and Society1Examination of law as an institution and its relationship to the larger society. Topics include: legal systems and the legal profession, functions and dysfunctions of law, law and social control, and law and social change. Explores criminal, constitutional, international, and environmental legal issues. Offered alternate years during Spring Term. Prerequisite: a gateway course.
SOC 227Sociology of Public Places1Applies social psychological theories to public place social interactions; introduces nonparticipant observation research methods to examine the "interaction order" created by social actors; analyzes the roles that age, gender, race, and class play in public place interactions; includes field trips to public places. Prerequisite: Soc 164. Offered Spring Term.
SOC 228Sociology of Gender1A comparative study of gender roles. Topics include: origins of gender roles, gender role stereotypes and consequences, androgyny and gender roles, gender roles in developed and developing nations, changing patterns and the future. Prerequisite: Soc 164 or GndS 111.
SOC 229Environmental Sociology1Examines a sociological approach to the environment, including the social construction of nature; how inequality along the lines of race, class and gender affect the distribution of environmental impacts; and the importance of attitudes and behaviors to our interactions with the environment. Prerequisite: Soc 164.
SOC 259Immigration and Transnationalism1Examines how various immigrant groups negotiate cultural landscapes as previous identities conflict with present national loyalties and expectations. Also explores pan-ethnic cultural affiliations in urban America and investigates the impacts of transnational citizens on the home culture. Identical to Anth 259. Prerequisite: Anth 162 or Soc 164.
SOC 309Research Practicum0.5Offers practical experience with research skills and with detailed knowledge of specialized topics through participation in a faculty member's ongoing research program. Experiences may include assistance with research design, data collection; coding, statistical analysis; qualitative data analysis, or written presentation of results. Offered every term. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. 0.50 unit. May be repeated once.
SOC 315Political Sociology1An examination of the sociology of power and community at the national and international levels. Identical with PlS 315. Offered alternate Fall terms. Prerequisites: a 100-level Political Science course (except PlS 160) or Soc 164.
SOC 318Race & Ethnic Relations1Historical and global perspectives on racial and ethnic group contacts and conflicts; social psychology of prejudice and discrimination; mechanisms of institutional discrimination; minority group strategies for change. Prerequisite: Either Soc 164 or Anth 162.
SOC 319Urban Sociology1. A study of the origin and development of cities throughout the world. Offered alternate years. Prerequisite: Soc 164.
SOC 320Research Methods & Statistics1Methods of collecting and analyzing social research data. Emphasis on student research participation. Prerequisites: Soc 164 and Mat 217.
SOC 327Sociology of Children and Youth1Examines sociological approaches to the study of children and youth; analyzes children's own lives shaped by gender, race, and class; requires field research at a community partner site to complete ethnographic research project. Prerequisites: Soc 164 and one other sociology course.
SOC 329Cult Adap Native Americans1Plains and Pueblos. Comparison and contrast of the social characteristics and cultural evolution of "plains" and "pueblo" Indians as they adapted to their environments and to the onslaught of whites: includes two-and-a-halfweek field trip to the southwest. Offered alternate years during Spring Term. Prerequisite: Soc 164 or Anth 162; Soc 318 is recommended. Identical to Anth 329. Satisfies Other Cultures LADR.
SOC 330Sociological Theory1Historical review, major theorists, major theories, sociological theory today and its application to modern society. Prerequisite: Soc 164.
SOC 333Self and Social Interaction1The Self and Social Interaction. Investigation of the self in social context. Explores processes of interaction and interpersonal influence, social boundaries, and social and institutional impacts on individuals. Prerequisite: Soc 164 and one other sociology course.
SOC 334Sociology of Sport1Sociological theories and concepts are applied in analyzing how sport affects society and how society affects sport. Offered alternate years. Prerequisites: Soc 164 and one other sociology course.
SOC 336Crime and Corrections1An examination of the criminal justice system; nature and extent of crime; past and present practices used to control crime and deal with criminals. Prerequisites: Soc 164 and one other sociology course.
SOC 338Social Class and Inequality1A study of the causes and consequences of inequality domestically and internationally and predictions for the future. Prerequisites: Soc 164 and one other sociology course.
SOC 348Race, Gender and Sexuality1A study of theories of intersectionality as they apply to race, gender and sexuality. Prerequisites: Soc 164 and one other sociology course.
SOC 349Sociology of Change1Causes and consequences of social change in the United States and at the global level. Topics include: globalization, deindustrialization, technology, population, environment, social movements, revolution, sociological theory, and intentional and unintentional social change. Offered alternate years. Prerequisites: Soc 164 and one other sociology course.
SOC 359Social Movements1An examination of theories of movements of protest, reform, and revolution, and of resistance to change. Comparison and contrast of case studies, including movements such as abolition, temperance, civil rights, and environmentalism. Identical to PlS 359. Offered alternate Fall Terms. Prerequisites: a 100-level Political Science course (except PlS 160) or Soc 164.

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