Theatre Scholarships


Scholarships are available to all new Hanover College students who intend to participate in any area of theatre, regardless of major-acting, design (costume, lighting, scenic, sound, props), directing, playwriting, stage management, technology (scenic construction, electrics), and arts administration. Scholarships are renewable, based upon participation and accomplishment in departmental programs, as determined by theatre faculty.

Scholarships range from $500 to $3,500 and are renewable each year based on theatre participation and faculty recommendation.

Interview/Audition Portfolio
Candidates for theatre scholarships must schedule an interview with theatre faculty during the annual Theatre Audition Days. During this 20-minute appointment, candidates present their work in a form appropriate to their area of special interest in theatre. For example, those primarily interested in acting present an audition, designers present a portfolio, playwrights present a short script. All candidates should be prepared to discuss their theatre experience and their reasons for pursuing theatrical participation. Theatre Audition Days are scheduled in February and March in Parker Auditorium on Hanover's campus.

See upcoming dates for Art, Music, and Theatre Scholarship Auditions.


Candidates must bring a printed resume in standard format of past theatre work, one letter of recommendation from a teacher or leader in educational or civic theatre, and present one of the following:

Two contrasting monologues, memorized, with a total length of no more than four minutes. Material should be of good literary quality, suited to the actor's age and experience, active more than narrative, without extremes of profanity, and selected for its ability to highlight the candidate's skill in the use of language, action, possibly humor, and development of character.

A portfolio that might include drawings, photographs, research materials or other work samples.

Directors and Stage Managers
Presentation of promptbooks or other documentation of past work.

Resume of assignments, plus possibly hook-up sheets, plots, drawings, or photographs of work realized in whole or in part by the candidate.

No more than 15 pages of either a longer original script, or a short play, including a brief synopsis of the entire work. Plays on the subject of writing a play should be avoided.

Requirements for maintaining Theatre Scholarships

  1. Continuous participation in Hanover College Theatre productions as actor, director, playwright, designer, stage manager, dramaturge, technician, or other duties as assigned.
  2. Performance of 6-9 production hours per week, except in cases where a large commitment to the production (in one of the roles mentioned above) allows for a reduced amount of technical hours, as determined by the Production Manager.
  3. Participation in certain required technical calls, such as major builds, hangs, or strikes which require all hands on deck.
  4. Exceptions to hours and calls may be granted by the Production Coordinator for academic or personal hardship, health limitations, study abroad, or other reasons presented persuasively by the student.  The student is responsible for bringing such situations to the awareness of the Production Manager.

Still have questions?

For more information regarding the requirements, contact the Theatre Department at (812) 866-7262 or

To schedule an interview, audition, or portfolio review call the Admission Office at (800) 213-2178 or (812) 866-7021 or by email at

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Theatre Scholarships

Regardless of major, theatre based scholarships are available.