High School Summer Academy

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If you've ever wanted to experience college life while still in high school, then Hanover's Summer Academy program may be the perfect opportunity. Our respected professors teach a wide range of subjects that will help engage and expand your interests as well as deepen your knowledge of a topic.

2015 Summer Academy Institutes: June 14-19, 2015

Theatre Institute: Shakespeare in Action
Spend a week immersing yourself in the language, characters, and stories of the world’s greatest playwright! You'll receive instruction in Elizabethan stage combat, acting Shakespeare-style, and page-to-stage scene study, culminating in a workshop performance at the end of the week. Led by Hanover Theatre faculty Jim Stark and Paul Hildebrand.

Graphic Art Institute
Information coming soon.

Forensic Science Institute

Filled early in 2014

Using modern scientific techniques and the resources of the Science Division at Hanover College, you'll work with Chemistry Professor Craig Philipp examining blood, bones and trace evidence to try and determine the "who, what, when, where, why and how" of a simulated crime.

Health Science Institute

Filled early in 2014

How do we save the patient? What are the vital signs? Can we get a blood culture? Working alongside medical professionals and Hanover's faculty, you'll explore health care careers and medical education using a state-of-the-art human patient simulator (robot). Working as part of a health care team, you'll try to diagnose and then treat the patient before it is too late! This summer's Health Science Institute will focus on the health science behind human performance. Whether you are an athletic trainer treating a college athlete, an occupational therapist working with a developmentally delayed child, or a surgeon operating to clear the arteries of a stroke victim, you are working to preserve or enhance human performance. From clinical settings to the sports field, and from psychology to everyday wellness, we’ll look at what science can tell us about how the human body performs. Additionally, we'll meet multiple health care professionals who will discuss their education and career paths and share how they deal with issues of human performance in their patients each day.

Pre-Law Institute

Filled early in 2014

If the idea of battling it out in the courtroom appeals to you, then join Professor Bill Bettler and Hanover graduate Jeremy Castle for the Pre-Law Institute. In addition to learning about the American legal system, you'll gain insight into the kinds of critical thinking, reading and writing skills that law school requires, as well as how the admission process works. Throughout the week, you will have the chance to learn about the American political system, explore the way judges make decisions, read and debate real Supreme Court cases, and interact with law students and practicing attorneys. If you think law school may be in your future or if you're just curious about the American legal system, then this is the Institute for you!  

Psychology of Media Institute
Media — computers, television, movies, music, books, etc. — permeate almost every aspect of our lives. Focusing on movies as our primary examples, you'll explore alongside of Psychology Professor Skip Dine Young and Communication Professor Bill Bettler what makes media so entertaining and so powerful. You'll learn how the images and stories found in media influence thought and behavior, as well as consider how they become part of our understanding of who we are as individuals and as a society.

From Script to Screen
Step into the world of television and film! Students will be immersed in each stage of production through writing, staging, acting in and shooting: a commercial, a sitcom, and several short film/television drama scenes.


Registration will open in January.


Will I stay on campus?
Yes, in one of Hanover's air-conditioned dorms, with meals served in the Campus Center dining room or provided on field trips.

What does the program cost?
The cost for each institute ranges from $600 to $700. This includes housing, meals and supplies.

Where is the Academy?
The Academy will take place at Hanover College in southeastern Indiana.

Is there an application deadline? 
The application deadline is May 15. Each institute will be capped at a limited number of students, so applying early is encouraged. Many of the 2014 Institutes were full by March.

For more information email summeracademy@hanover.edu or call 812-866-6700.