Benjamin Templeton Scholarship Program

The Benjamin Templeton Scholarship honors students with outstanding academic records who have worked to build strong high school communities by bridging gaps among economically, socially and racially diverse groups. Templeton Scholars will have demonstrated significant interest in issues of diversity education, tolerance and social justice.

  • Templeton Application

    Scholarship deadline: December 1st.

    To be considered for a Templeton Scholarship, students must apply for admission to Hanover College and complete the Benjamin Templeton Scholarship application by December 1.

    A scholarship application will be complete and ready for review when the following items have been received:

    • Completed Hanover College Admission Application
    • Completed Benjamin Templeton Application
    • Two Letters of Recommendation (may be emailed to
    • Essay
    • Detailed Resume

    Apply online.


  • Who is Benjamin Templeton?

    Benjamin Templeton was the first African-American student to attend Hanover.  A free black man from Chillicothe, Ohio, he began his education in 1832 and spent five years at the College, graduating in 1837, merely 10 years after the College's founding in 1827 and a full 25 years before President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation. Templeton went on to lead the free black community in Philadelphia where he served as pastor of the Second African Presbyterian Church.

    Benjamin Templeton Chronology (PDF)

  • Templeton Scholar Profiles

  • On Campus Scholarship Requirements

    In order to maintain good standing with the Benjamin Templeton Scholarship Program, scholars must fulfill all requirements of the program each semester:

    • Maintain a minimum 2.68 G.P.A. per semester.
    • Weekly mandatory study hours (freshman and sophomores).
    • Attend bi-weekly group meetings with the Scholars Class.
    • Attend weekly individual meeting with their class advisor (freshman and sophomore).
    • Attend a mid-semester progress meeting.
    • Participate in the midterm and finals study table (freshman and sophomore).
    • Attend at least two cultural events per semester.
    • Attend the annual leadership retreat.
    • Participate as an active member of at least one student organization.
    • Complete 20 service hours per semester.
    • Live on campus all four years.


  • Mentors

    As a part of the Benjamin Templeton Scholars Program, each scholar receives a mentor who is a member of the Hanover College administrative staff. Mentors volunteer their time and higher education experience to serve as both an academic and personal support system. Scholars meet their mentor weekly to stay abreast of all upcoming academic responsibilities and campus involvement and leadership opportunities.

    Monica Green
    • Monica Green
    • Associate Director of Student Life for Multicultural Affairs and Co-Director of the Benjamin Templeton Scholarship Program and Cheerleading Sponsor
    • (812) 866-7025
    Monica Green

    Monica Green

    Associate Director of Student Life for Multicultural Affairs and Co-Director of the Benjamin Templeton Scholarship Program and Cheerleading Sponsor

    (812) 866-7025


    Why I think Hanover is a good choice:
    You can't go wrong with a liberal arts education. Hanover College provides the perfect environment to experience a variety of unique academic genres. From the humanities to foreign languages, pre-professional advising programs in business, law, health science and exercise science, Hanover students will find the challenge they need academically in a classroom with less than 20 students. Now that is an experience that may be hard to find or duplicate on other college campuses.

    I also appreciate Hanover College's commitment to the community and to multicultural awareness. The school has a great legacy of uplifting and educating students from diverse ethnic backgrounds and cultural communities.

    Since coming to Hanover, I have discovered the legacy of Benjamin Templeton. He was the first African-American to attend Hanover in 1832, only five years after the College's founding. Templeton became an important leader of the free black community of Philadelphia through the 1850's. He went on to become the pastor of Second African Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, Pa., which he served until his death in 1858. Wow, what a legacy of leadership!

    Hobbies and Interest:
    I love music of all kinds and spend much of my time listening to and searching for new and unique music. I call myself a part-time poet and closet spoken-word artist. I love to write and express myself through words. I have always been a fan of movies and theater. I also serve as the co-leader of a young women's mentorship program called the Sisters' Circle.

    Travel Territory:
    Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, Georgia and the remainder of the southeastern and southwestern continental U.S.


    I received my bachelor of arts degree in African and Diaspora Studies from Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn., and spent four years working in development, alumni relations and undergraduate admission for my alma mater. Although I am new to the Hanover community, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and see great value in the Hanover academic and social experience.
    Laura Arico
    Matthew Deeg
    • Matthew Deeg
    • Assistant Director of Fraternity/Sorority and Residence Life
    • (812) 866-7081
    Abbe Ernstes
    Abbe Ernstes

    Abbe Ernstes

    Director of Leadership Giving

    (812) 866-7015


    Abbe has worked at Hanover since 2005.

    She enjoys being on the road telling our alumni what is happening on campus. The best part of her job is hearing stories of the Hanover experience and how Hanover has provided the alumni with the ability to succeed in the world.
    Sandra Guthrie
    Sandra Guthrie

    Sandra Guthrie

    Director of Publications

    (812) 866-7008


    Sandra Guthrie has more than 20 years of experience, including editing, writing, public relations and marketing, and management. She serves as project manager and senior editor for the alumni magazine, The Hanoverian, and the e-newsletter, @Hanover, as well as senior project manager, editor and copywriter for all requested campus materials. Guthrie is the primary campus resource for graphic and identity standard issues.


    B.A. in psychology, University of North Dakota
    Linda Hunt
    Andre Nash
    • Andre Nash
    • Football Offensive Coordinator and Assistant Director of Residence Life
    • (812) 866-6807
    Jane Stormer
    Jane Stormer

    Jane Stormer '04

    Associate Director of Admissions

    (812) 866-7027


    I grew up in a small college town in South Carolina, so when I came to Hanover as a student in 2000, it felt familiar and and quickly became my home. After I graduated from Hanover in 2004 with a degree in Studio Art and Art History, I continued exploring my academic interests in a graduate program. After I received my master of fine arts degree in 2007, I turned back to Hanover for my career because college access and administration was a new interest of mine after my experience in graduate school working closely with administrators.

    I love working at Hanover because I am able to help others find the right college experience for them. I have more than a decade of experience as a student, alumna and staff member, and I love sharing my stories and experiences on campus because I believe they did wonders for my personal growth. It is so rewarding to see new Hanover students each year come to campus and learn more about themselves and the world just like I did.

    A Hanover College education in the arts left me with two career paths, one in helping others find their own path for college and careers and another in a lifelong passion for the arts.

    I work with students from Marion County, Ind., Franklin County, Ohio and transfer students. I also coordinate auditions and portfolio reviews for the visual and performing arts scholarships.


    Hanover College, 2004, B.A. in studio art and art history
    University of Cincinnati, 2007, M.F.A.
    Cortlan Waters Bartley
    • Cortlan Waters Bartley '08
    • Assistant Director of Residence Life and Student Activities
    • (812) 866-7072
    James Watts