International Students Costs

2015-2016 Costs of attendance for International Students

 FallWinter / SpringTotal
Hanover College Tuition$17,257$17,257$34,514
Health Insurance$300$300$600
Hanover College Room$2,600$2,600$5,200
Hanover College Board (Meals)$2,626$2,626$5,252
Total Direct Costs $22,783 $22,783$45,566

International students are required to purchase health insurance through Hanover College. Learn more about this plan (PDF). Transportation to and from the U.S. is the student's responsibility.

Total Estimated Costs: $43,376

Payment Options

International students are eligible to participate in the ten month payment plan. For more information, please contact our Coordinator for International admission at

On Campus Employment

According to F-1 Visa regulations, international students may work on the premises of the school that issued the individuals I-20. Work hours are limited to part time, or 20 hours per week, when school is in session. F-1 students may work full time during holidays and vacation breaks. Off campus employment is not permitted by an F-1 visa.