Hanover Clubs

Why Have a Club Chapter?
As you know, there are many reasons to start and maintain an alumni club in your region. Some of the more beneficial are:

Degree Value
: Through your club's involvement in the community, your degree will actually become more valuable because you will make the College more visible. More people will see Hanover as an outstanding school that produces exceptional graduates, like you, who involve themselves in their community and remain in contact with their alma mater.

Networking: As a participant in your club, you will have the opportunity to make new friends, business acquaintances, and personal contacts with alumni of accomplishment. Hanover alumni are pioneers and leaders in all areas of the business and educational world, and continued contact with each other will build friendships and partnerships that will be extremely beneficial to all involved. As a volunteer leader in your club, your efforts and dedication will not go unnoticed by those within the club.

Community: By organizing a local alumni club chapter, you can enable the alumni of your area to remain connected to one another and facilitate the bonds that all Hanover alumni share. In bringing together alumni from different generations and varied fields, you will help to create that sense of community that was shared while on campus. Extended to other clubs around the country and through the College, we can create a global community that can enhance the lives of all alumni and ensure that Hanover will continue to grow and evolve to remain one of the nations leading liberal arts colleges.

Communication: The club will provide a vehicle for two-way communication between the College and alumni. In this way, it will be easier for the College to communicate its developmental needs as well as academic progress, and alumni will have a forum in which to express their concerns, approval or lend comments to the College.

Personal Satisfaction: As a volunteer leader for your club, you can take pride in what you do. Dedication to your club's success will ensure great rewards for yourself, fellow alumni and Hanover College.

Contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 800-213-2179 ext. 7013 or email alumni@hanover.edu to find how easy it is to begin a Hanover Club in your area!