License Plate Program

The Indiana Hanover College License Plate Program is a big success thanks to you! Sporting a HC plate helps raise Hanover College awareness and helps our students study abroad.

See some of our student's adventures abroad.

The Benefit: International Studies
The opportunity to study internationally may only happen in the life of a student during their time at Hanover College. We are honored to help make that possible for more students by donating the profits from the license plate program to the Dorothy S. Bucks Endowment Fund for International Studies. This endowment was chosen because of its longevity and the increasing costs involved with studying abroad. Hanover College encourages its students to enrich their educational experience by studying off-campus at least once during their four years.

Studying abroad is becoming increasingly important for education and for the job market. It enables students to internationalize their résumés, broaden cultural horizons and engage with other ways of life. The study of other cultures supports true liberal arts learning as students gain new perspectives.

Tax Credit
A $25 tax-deductible contribution is given for each Hanover Collegiate Plate that is sold if you indicate to do so at the BMV.

To receive tax credit, please instruct the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to share your name with Hanover at the time of plate purchase by checking the appropriate waiver box. 

It is our hope that all alumni, faculty, staff, parents and students who reside in the State of Indiana will consider participating in this worthwhile program.

Standard or Customized
You can select a standard specialty plate or have a fun, personalized plate by choosing a unique combination of numbers and letters up to six digits, including spaces. Low plate numbers (100 and under) require an additional form from Hanover College to be submitted at the time of purchase.

BMV Policy Changes
Due to specifications required by the State, the plate design has changed slightly. A new plate design will be issued as your older plate expires.

Order your plate online or visit your local license branch.

How will the College get my $25 Contribution?

The BMV will collect and forward the $25 contribution per HC plate to Hanover College.  To be personally credited for this gift, you must check the waiver on your renewal form to give the BMV permission to release your contact information to the College.  Without checking the waiver, your donation comes to the College as an anonymous gift. 

It’s about more than just a license plate; it’s about helping enrich the lives of our students, one adventure at a time. Won’t you join us in this endeavor?

Feel free to contact the Office of Alumni Relations at

Check out what your support can do...

PlatesAmountPotential Benefit
5125A student could go to many of the museums in Florence and Rome
61501-week metro pass in Paris for 2 students
11280Round-trip airfare to Washington D.C. for political science field study
205002 students could share a room in Europe for 7 days
246001 student round-trip airfare to Mexico
5213001 student round-trip airfare to Europe
561400 Pays most of the round-trip airfare for a student going to China or Vietnam
721800Round-trip tickets to Ireland for two students