Women's Soccer Schedule

2014 Schedule & Results: 11-3; 5-0 HCAC

August 29-30@ Maryville (Tenn.) Invitational
August 29vs. Piedmont (Ga.)3-0 Win
August 30@ Maryville (Tenn.)1-0 Win
Sept. 6-7Hanover-Thomas More (Ky.) Classic
Sept. 6Spalding (Ky.)6-0 Win
Sept. 7Denison (Ohio)2-1 Loss OT
Sept. 10Centre (Ky.)2-1 Loss
Sept. 13@ Saint Mary-of-the-Woods7-2 Win
Sept. 17@ Thomas More (Ky.)2-0 Loss
Sept. 20Kenyon (Ohio) - Homecoming2-1 Win
Sept. 27@ Sewanee (Tenn.)2-1 Win
Oct. 4Bluffton (Ohio)*11-0 Win
Oct. 7@ Earlham*7-0 Win
Oct. 11Manchester*4-1 Win
Oct. 15@ Mount St. Joseph (Ohio)*8-0 Win
Oct. 18@ Anderson*8-0 Win
Oct. 21@ Franklin*7:30 p.m.
Oct. 25Rose-Hulman*      Live Statistics1 p.m.
Oct. 29Transylvania (Ky.)*      Live Statistics3:30 p.m.
Nov. 1@ Defiance (Ohio)*1 p.m.

* denotes Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference matches

2013 Results: 18-2-2; 8-0-1 HCAC (1st)

August 30@ Heidelberg (Ohio)2-1 Win 2OT
August 31@ Ohio Northern1-0 Win
Sept. 7Wittenberg (Ohio)2-1 Win
Sept. 8Otterbein (Ohio)2-1 Win
Sept. 11@ Centre (Ky.)2-0 Loss
Sept. 14@ Spalding (Ky.)1-0 Win 2OT
Sept. 18Thomas More (Ky.)0-0 Tie  2OT
Sept. 21@ Capital (Ohio) 2-0 Win
Sept. 28Saint Mary-of-the-Woods9-0 Win
Oct. 5@ Manchester *2-1 Win
Oct. 9@ Transylvania (Ky.) *1-1 Tie 2OT
Oct. 12Anderson *7-0 Win
Oct. 16Earlham *2-1 Win
Oct. 19@ Bluffton (Ohio) *4-0 Win
Oct. 22@ Mount St. Joseph (Ohio) *4-1 Win
Oct. 26@ Rose-Hulman *1-0 Win OT
Oct. 29Franklin *6-1 Win
Nov. 2Defiance (Ohio) *6-0 Win
Nov. 6Heartland Conference Tournament
Nov. 6Rose-Hulman - Semifinals2-0 Win
Nov. 9Transylvania (Ky.) - Championship2-1 Win
NCAA III National Tournament @ Crestview Hills, Ky. - Bracket
Nov. 16vs. Salem (N.C.)2-1 Win
Nov. 17@ Thomas More (Ky.)1-0 Loss

* denotes Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference matches

2012 Results: 13-4-2; 6-2-1 HCAC (3rd)

Sept. 1@ Kenyon (Ohio)1-0 Win
Sept. 2@ Denison (Ohio)2-1 Win
Sept. 5@ St. Mary of the Woods5-0 Win
Sept. 8Heidelberg (Ohio)2-0 Win
Sept. 9Trine3-0 Win
Sept. 15Centre (Ky.)2-1 Loss
Sept. 19@ Thomas More (Ky.)1-0 Loss 2OT
Sept. 22Spalding (Ky.)7-0 Win
Sept. 24Capital (Ohio)2-1 Win
Sept. 29Manchester *2-0 Win
Oct. 3Transylvania (Ky.) *1-0 Win
Oct. 7@ Anderson *5-0 Win
Oct. 10@ Earlham *1-0 Loss
Oct. 13Bluffton (Ohio) *5-1 Win
Oct. 17Mount St. Joseph (Ohio) *1-0 Loss
Oct. 20Rose-Hulman *0-0 Tie 2OT
Oct. 23@ Franklin *2-1 Win
Oct. 27@ Defiance (Ohio) *3-0 Win
Nov. 1-Nov. 3Heartland Conference Tournament
Nov. 1@ Transylvania (Ky.)1-1 Tie 2OT (7-6 Shootout Loss)

* denotes Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference matches

2011 Results: 15-3-2; 8-1 HCAC (1st)

Sept. 1@ Trine3-2 Win
Sept. 3@ Ohio Wesleyan1-0 Win
Sept. 7St. Mary-of-the-Woods5-1 Win
Sept. 10Hiram (Ohio)2-0 Win
Sept. 11Birmingham-Southern (Ala.)1-1 Tie 2OT
Sept. 17Kenyon (Ohio)2-0 Loss
Sept. 21Thomas More (Ky.)2-1 Win
Sept. 24Manchester1-0 Win
Oct. 2@ Defiance (Ohio)3-0 Win
Oct. 5Spalding (Ky.)8-0 Win
Oct. 8Rose-Hulman3-0 Win
Oct. 12Mount St. Joseph (Ohio)4-0 Win
Oct. 15@ Earlham1-0 Loss
Oct. 18Transylvania (Ky.)2-0 Win
Oct. 22Anderson7-0 Win
Oct. 26@ Franklin1-0 Win
Oct. 29@ Bluffton (Ohio)4-1 Win
Nov. 2Transylvania (Ky.) - HCAC Semifinals0-0 Tie 2OT (4-2 Shootout Win)
Nov. 5Bluffton (Ohio) - Heartland Conference Championship1-0 Win
Nov. 12@ Loras (Iowa) - NCAA III Tournament3-0 Loss

2010 Results: 11-7-1; 7-2 HCAC

Sept. 1@ Capital (Ohio)2-0 Loss
Sept. 4@ St. Mary-of-the-Woods5-0 Win
Sept. 8Marian2-0 Win
Sept. 11Olivet (Mich.)2-0 Loss
Sept. 12Ohio Wesleyan1-0 Loss
Sept. 18Centre (Ky.)1-0 Loss
Sept. 19Westminster (Mo.)3-0 Win
Sept. 22@ Thomas More (Ky.)1-1 Tie
Sept. 25@ Rose-Hulman*3-1 Win
Sept. 28Midway (Ky.)9-0 Win
Oct. 2Defiance (Ohio)*1-0 Win
Oct. 9@ Manchester*1-0 Win 2OT
Oct. 13@ Mount St. Joseph (Ohio)*1-0 Loss
Oct. 16Earlham*1-0 Win OT
Oct. 20@ Transylvania (Ky.)*1-0 Loss
Oct. 23@ Anderson*2-0 Win
Oct. 27Franklin*1-0 Win
Oct. 30Bluffton (Ohio)*1-0 Win
Nov. 2Heartland Conference Tournament - Semifinals 
 @ Earlham3-0 Loss

2009 Results: 13-5-1; 7-1 HCAC

Sept. 5Eureka (Ill.)4-0 Win
Sept. 6Knox (Ill.)7-0 Win
Sept. 12@ Hiram (Ohio)2-0 Win
Sept. 13@ Oberlin (Ohio)2-2 Tie 2OT
Sept. 16@ Centre (Ky.)3-0 Loss
Sept. 19Capital (Ohio)1-0 Loss OT
Sept. 22Thomas More (Ky.)1-0 Loss
Sept. 25Saint Mary of the Woods3-0 Win
Sept. 27Spalding (Ky.)5-0 Win
Oct. 3Anderson*4-0 Win
Oct. 7Transylvania (Ky.)*4-1 Win
Oct. 10@ Bluffton (Ohio)*4-0 Win
Oct. 13@ Mount St. Joseph (Ohio)*1-0 Win
Oct. 17Rose-Hulman*1-0 Loss
Oct. 21@ Franklin*5-0 Win
Oct. 24@ Defiance (Ohio)*2-0 Win
Oct. 31Manchester*1-0 Win
Nov. 4-7Heartland Conference Tournament 
Nov. 4Mount St. Joseph (Ohio) - Semifinals2-1 Win
Nov. 7Transylvania (Ky.) - Championship2-0 Loss

2008 Results: 7-9; 5-3 HCAC

August 30Asbury (Ky.)1-0 Win 
Sept. 2@ Thomas More (Ky.)5-0 Loss 
Sept. 5@ St. Mary-of-the-Woods3-1 Win 
Sept. 7@ Capital (Ohio)3-1 Loss 
Sept. 10@ Marian2-0 Loss
Sept. 13Earlham3-0 Loss 
Sept. 23Urbana (Ohio)3-2 Loss 2OT 
Sept. 28@ Rose-Hulman*3-2 Loss 2OT 
Oct. 4@ Manchester*1-0 Win 
Oct. 8@ Transylvania (Ky.)*1-0 Loss 
Oct. 11Defiance (Ohio)*3-0 Win 
Oct. 14Mount St. Joseph (Ohio)*3-0 Loss 
Oct. 22Franklin*3-0 Win 
Oct. 25Bluffton (Ohio)*1-0 Win 
Oct. 28Kentucky Wesleyan2-1 Loss 
Nov. 1@ Anderson*2-0 Win

* denotes Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference matches