Frank Baracani-Thomas
Frank Baracani-Thomas
Vincennes, IN / South Knox
Frank's Bio

Frank Baracani-Thomas is from Vincennes, IN and a graduate of South Knox High School.

His parents are Frank and Tonya Thomas.
Five Questions with Frank

Any stupid human tricks or abilities: I'd like to say I can sing pretty well, haha.

Who do you pattern your game after: I pattern the way I run after my high school coach. He always told me to get out hard, and if anyone wants to beat you make them hurt like they have never hurt before to beat you.

Who would you most like to meet: Although he is now deceased, i would have loved to meet Louie Zamperini. The great Torrance Tornado himself. He had such an eventful life and was such an incredible runner. I would love to hear about his olympic experience.

Your guilty pleasure: I have a big soft spot for sweets of almost any kind.

Person who pushes you or makes you better: My training crew from my hometown are a big part of why i get better. Long summers full of miles with my friends Connor, Blake, and AJ. All three of us run for colligate programs, so we all strive to make one another better.