Frank Baracani-Thomas
Frank Baracani-Thomas
Vincennes, IN / South Knox
Frank's Bio

Frank Baracani-Thomas is from Vincennes, IN and a graduate of South Knox High School.

His parents are Frank and Tonya Thomas.
Five Questions with Frank

Who would you most like to meet: Although he is now deceased, i would have loved to meet Louie Zamperini. The great Torrance Tornado himself. He had such an eventful life and was such an incredible runner. I would love to hear about his olympic experience.

Any stupid human tricks or abilities: I'd like to say I can sing pretty well, haha.

Who is your role model: My role model is my grandfather. He is the one who always taught me to give it my all in every sport, and is a huge reason I am the person I am today

Favorite class and why: Philosophy and Tai-Ji with Dr. Ahrens. How can you argue with a college class that teaches you Tai-Ji.

Favorite part of Hanover outside of class: Hanging out with all of my friends here on campus and going to practice.