Frank Baracani-Thomas
Frank Baracani-Thomas
Vincennes, IN / South Knox
Frank's Bio

Frank Baracani-Thomas is from Vincennes, IN and a graduate of South Knox High School.

His parents are Frank and Tonya Thomas.
Five Questions with Frank

What did you want to be growing up: I always wanted to do something related with outer space, but that has changed quite a bit.

Favorite part of Hanover outside of class: Hanging out with all of my friends here on campus and going to practice.

Someone you follow on Twitter: Mo Farah - @Mo_Farah and my mom (@pinkkittygrl74)

Road trip stories: My old high school team drove to the state XC meet to support one of our girls team members competing. We all wore the most random costumes we could find. We walked around the meet dancing to the music we brought with us in the boombox. There is nothing quite like seeing a guy in a penguin costume break-dancing at the state meet.

Who is your role model: My role model is my grandfather. He is the one who always taught me to give it my all in every sport, and is a huge reason I am the person I am today