Taylor Nicole Davis
Taylor Nicole Davis
Jeffersonville, IN / Jeffersonville
Taylor Nicole's Bio

Taylor Nicole Davis is from Jeffersonville, IN and a graduate of Jeffersonville High School.

Her parents are William and Diane Davis.
Five Questions with Taylor Nicole

Must-hear song before competing: "Heart of a Champion" by Nelly

Person who pushes you or makes you better: My parents are the ones who are always behind me pushing me to be the best I can be. They have believed in me since the very beginning and have motivated me to always strive to achieve my full potential.

What did you want to be growing up: Veterinarian

Someone you follow on Twitter: Mia Hamm.

Who is your role model: My Grandma is a strong and inspiring woman that I look up to. She has taught me many things and is someone I try to model my own life after.