Ben Franke
Ben Franke
Seymour, IN / Seymour
Ben's Bio

Ben Franke is from Seymour, IN and a graduate of Seymour High School.

His parents are Tom and Nancy Franke.

The junior is a Health & Movement Studies major at Hanover.

Five Questions with Ben

Who is your role model: After the obvious answer of my parents who have done so much for me, there are to that really stand out to me. One is Tim Tebow. I admire how he is always quick to give his teammates and The Lord credit for his success on the field. The other is a guy I worked with last summer who goes by Buzz. Buzz is a former runner but more importantly he is a man of God, a motivator, and is one of the kindest and upbeat person I have ever met.

Superstitions: I always do a prayer after the final run out or the short time we have at the line before the gun. In my prayers I simply ask God to keep me safe and help me preform to the best of my ability. I then I end the prayer by touching my feet and heart and finish my pointing to Heaven and that's my way of symbolizing giving my legs, heart, and ultimately the race to the hands of the Lord

Must-hear song before competing: "Tonight" "Eye On It" "Showstopper" and "Me Without You" all by tobymac

Your guilty pleasure: I love Lance Armstrong as an athlete still and his book "It's not About the Bike; My Journey Back to Life" is still my favorite of all time

Favorite part of Hanover outside of class: Eating meals.