Ben Franke
Ben Franke
Seymour, IN / Seymour
Ben's Bio

Ben Franke is from Seymour, IN and a graduate of Seymour High School.

His parents are Tom and Nancy Franke.

The junior is a Health & Movement Studies major at Hanover.

Five Questions with Ben

What do you like to do outside of your sport: Play and watch just about any other sport, play video games, read a good autobiography by an athlete or coach, watch ESPN.

Must-hear song before competing: "Tonight" "Eye On It" "Showstopper" and "Me Without You" all by tobymac

Other athletes in your family: My dad also was an NCAA athlete. He played men's volleyball for University of Michigan and my 8th grade twin brother and sister are following in the steps of their brother and currently running XC and track for Seymour High School

Superstitions: I always do a prayer after the final run out or the short time we have at the line before the gun. In my prayers I simply ask God to keep me safe and help me preform to the best of my ability. I then I end the prayer by touching my feet and heart and finish my pointing to Heaven and that's my way of symbolizing giving my legs, heart, and ultimately the race to the hands of the Lord

Special sports accomplishments: During 2011 at the Brown County Semi-State, at around the 3K point, I tried to cut inside a runner to take control of the inside of a turn. In doing so I got closer than I thought to my competitor and his right shoe ran against my leg, leaving two 1 foot long cuts down the back of my left leg and ankle. My left shoe also came off in the process and I had to kick it off since I could not step back into it. I ran the last 2K with one shoe and still ran a 17:13, a two second PR. Our team ended up finishing sixth, and beat Terre Haute North by 4 points, to grab the last qualifying spot for state.