Jace Gentil
Jace Gentil
Wadesville, IN / North Posey
Jace's Bio

Jace Gentil is from Wadesville, IN and a graduate of North Posey High School.

His parents are Geoffrey and Kristina Gentil, Laura Ticheno.
Five Questions with Jace

Famous relatives: My great, great, great, great grandfather was the first person killed in an automobile wreck in Posey County, Indana

Someone you follow on Twitter: @amellywood

Who would you most like to meet: Stephen Amell, Scott Snyder, David Beckham

Service or philanthropic activities: North Posey Youth Soccer League, Ark Crisis Childcare center, Evansville Soccer Club, Big Brothers Big Sisters, PEERs Project, North Posey Class of 2013 Relay for Life team

Other athletes in your family: My dad, Geoff Gentil, played basketball at the University of Southern Indiana and my older brother, Rylan Gentil, currently plays soccer for Georgian Court University in New Jersey.