Alicia Hopkins
Alicia Hopkins
Columbus, IN / Columbus East
Alicia's Bio

Alicia Hopkins is from Columbus, IN and a graduate of Columbus East High School.

Her parents are Donna Hopkins.

The senior guard is a Sociology major at Hanover.

Five Questions with Alicia

Favorite class and why: Sociology Class Inequality. It was my favorite class because it was a small class and it was completely discusion and I learned a lot about the inequaility in the world which I find very interesting. Plus I got an A! :)

Road trip stories: Every road trip we go on myself and a few other girls on the team that I refer to as "da fam" always walk to a near by gas station and get a little snack and take a family picture. Its always a great time. Also megan and I started a tradition during tournament time when we are on our way to the gym to play we make everyone get REALLY loud and crazy and smash on an empty water bottle which is aways titled the opposing teams name. Each person on the team in a certain order takes their turn stepping on the watter bottle and screaming and it ends with coach stepping on it and throwing it in the trash can! It gets everyone pumped everytime!

Must-hear song before competing: Till I Colapse by Eminem

Who would you most like to meet: Kevin Hart

What do you like to do outside of your sport: I enjoy being a Mentor to others such as my residents and mentee Marian. I also enjoy going on runs, watching movies and just hanging out with my teammates and other friends.