Taylor Lile
Taylor Lile
Frankfort, KY / Frankfort
Taylor's Bio

Taylor Lile is from Frankfort, KY and a graduate of Frankfort High School.

His parents are Mark and Jan Lile.

The sophomore midfielder is a Economics major at Hanover.

Five Questions with Taylor

Special sports accomplishments: Captain of Frankfort High Soccer team for 3 Years. Played in the Midwest Regional League for club soccer. Won the Buckeye Premier League 2012. Made it to the final 4 in Kentucky State Cup 2012.

Favorite class and why: I've always enjoyed math and technology. So I'd have to go with Mathematics and Computer Science.

What do you like to do outside of your sport: I enjoy the outdoors such as fishing, camping, and hiking. I love other sports, socializing with friends, and the occasional TV or video games.

Someone you follow on Twitter: N/A

Other languages spoken: None