Ian Madvig
Ian Madvig
Bloomington, IN / Bloomington North
Ian's Bio

Ian Madvig is from Bloomington, IN and a graduate of Bloomington North High School.

His parents are Donald and Carolyn Madvig.

The senior midfielder is a Physics - Astronomy major at Hanover.

Five Questions with Ian

Special sports accomplishments: Went to the national tournament when I was 17 with my club team, The Cutters.

Favorite class and why: I'm double majoring in physics and math so any class in either subject I enjoy.

Who would you most like to meet: Michio Kaku.

Person who pushes you or makes you better: My father is the reason I started playing soccer and he really pushed me to succeed in soccer as well as life.

What did you want to be growing up: A helicopter pilot, then a chef.

Career Statistics
OFFENSE               GP    G    A  Pts Shots Shot%  SOG  SOG%  GW
2011................  17    0    0    0     2  .000    0  .000   0
2012................   8    0    0    0     1  .000    0  .000   0
TOTAL...............  25    0    0    0     3  .000    0  .000   0