Molly McCurdy
Molly McCurdy
Carmel, IN / Carmel
Molly's Bio

Molly McCurdy is from Carmel, IN and a graduate of Carmel High School.

Her parents are Nancy and John McCurdy.
Five Questions with Molly

Who do you pattern your game after: Maggie Harbison. I played with her in high school and she is now a Senior on the volleyball team at Butler University. She has a leadership presence on the court unlike anyone else I've ever played with. I always try to be a communicator on the court and bring the team up when we're down.

Your guilty pleasure: The Bachelor/Bachelorette. It's so addicting!

Favorite part of Hanover outside of class: I love the small school atmosphere on campus. It's very homey and inviting. I can't wait to get to know more people!

What did you want to be growing up: I wanted to be a meteorologist. Or a news anchor.

Any stupid human tricks or abilities: I can do the robot. Does that count?