Sydney Pitts
Sydney Pitts
Erlanger, KY / St. Henry District
Sydney's Bio

Sydney Pitts is from Erlanger, KY and a graduate of St. Henry District High School.

Her parents are Thomas Brian Pitts and Corine LeMaster Pitts.
Five Questions with Sydney

Road trip stories: My family and I have traveled to so many states but I can't think of many exciting stories...

What did you want to be growing up: I always wanted to be a marine biologist, now I'm just looking into biology with a focus on zoology.

Other languages spoken: I can introduce myself in Spanish...

Someone you follow on Twitter: People from my class mostly.

Any stupid human tricks or abilities: My right wrist can pop when I twist it for, like, ever. I'm not really sure of that's a trick/ability or something that is probably not normal.