Kori Siebert
Kori Siebert
Borden, IN / Our Lady of Providence
Kori's Bio

Kori Siebert is from Borden, IN and a graduate of Our Lady of Providence High School.

Her parents are Mary Evelyn Siebert, Michael Joseph Siebert.
Five Questions with Kori

Superstitions: Superstitious of 66.., have to have even # or volume on radio, kiss hand and tap the ceiling of a car when going through yellow lights....probably more but can't think of them.

Special sports accomplishments: Senior year I broke my high schools 5k record.

Any stupid human tricks or abilities: I can dislocate my right shoulder and pop it back in... Make farting noises with the back of my knee

Service or philanthropic activities: Help out with my youth group at my church over the summer.

Who is your role model: My mom and high school coach.