Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith
Brownsburg, IN / Brownsburg
Rachel's Bio

Rachel Smith is from Brownsburg, IN and a graduate of Brownsburg High School.

Her parents are Michael Smith and Crystal Lynn.

The sophomore is a Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology major at Hanover.

Five Questions with Rachel

Famous relatives: The most famous relative would probably be my dad. I feel like everywhere we go someone's tapping him on the shoulder and talking to him.

Someone you follow on Twitter: Nick Symmonds

Who would you most like to meet: I'd like to meet God, the person who enables me to get up everyday and run and grow as a disciple of his word.

Who is your role model: My role model is my dad, Michael Smith. He was the one who first got me into running. He never pushed me or forced me to run; he simply guided me to it. And ever since then I haven't stopped. My dad is a triathlete and I aspire to be like him someday; an athlete known and loved by so many, someone so humble, and a disciple spreading God's word everywhere he goes.

What did you want to be growing up: I always wanted to be a veterinarian growing up, my love for animals, especially horses, has always been great.