Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith
Brownsburg, IN / Brownsburg
Rachel's Bio

Rachel Smith is from Brownsburg, IN and a graduate of Brownsburg High School.

Her parents are Michael Smith and Crystal Lynn.

The sophomore is a Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology major at Hanover.

Five Questions with Rachel

Who would you most like to meet: I'd like to meet God, the person who enables me to get up everyday and run and grow as a disciple of his word.

Who is your role model: My role model is my dad, Michael Smith. He was the one who first got me into running. He never pushed me or forced me to run; he simply guided me to it. And ever since then I haven't stopped. My dad is a triathlete and I aspire to be like him someday; an athlete known and loved by so many, someone so humble, and a disciple spreading God's word everywhere he goes.

What do you like to do outside of your sport: Outside running Cross Country and Track, I enjoy swimming, biking, and hanging out with friends. I hope someday triathlons will become my sport, but until then I'll stick with running!

Road trip stories: A few years ago my family and I went on a vacation out West. We packed a tent and enough things to practically live out of our car, or Expedition that is. Early one morning while driving my step-mom made a joke and referenced how cool it would be to see a buffalo right in front of us. We were told we would probably never see one up close, but that was wrong. Later that day when we were driving through Yellowstone National Park a whole line of cars were stopped in the road. People had video cameras out their car windows and were slowly creeping along. When we got close enough we could finally tell what everyone was looking at. There was a buffalo swimming across a river beside the road. My family and I watched the buffalo swim across the river and climb up and out. We watched in amazement at the size and strength of the buffalo. It was what happened next that left us speechless. The buffalo then proceeded to climb up the practically vertical embankment onto the road...feet in front of our vehicle. We sat there, video camera out the window, recording the buffalo right before our eyes. The buffalo stood there, catching it's breath and then wandered across the road to the forest on the other side. This had to be one of the best encounters with such a powerful animal.

Famous relatives: The most famous relative would probably be my dad. I feel like everywhere we go someone's tapping him on the shoulder and talking to him.