Mai States
Mai States
Indianapolis, IN / Warren Central
Mai's Bio

Mai States is from Indianapolis, IN and a graduate of Warren Central High School.

Her parents are James and Natalie States.

The sophomore is a Art (Studio) major at Hanover.

Five Questions with Mai

Someone you follow on Twitter: My awesome best friend: @LovliestDay

Who is your role model: My older sister, Jaminnia. She's very supportive and holds strong through thick and thin. I've learned a lot from her and I strive to do what she has taught me.

Any stupid human tricks or abilities: It''s not dumb but I can pull out my belly button and then pop it back in, so i have an inny-outy.

Road trip stories: We once thought our bus was being pulled over after a track meet it was terrible.

Favorite class and why: Anything art related, art just calms me down.