Anni Titchenal
Anni Titchenal
Lizton, IN / Tri-West Hendricks
Anni's Bio

Anni Titchenal is from Lizton, IN and a graduate of Tri-West Hendricks High School.

Her parents are David and Debra Titchenal.
Five Questions with Anni

What did you want to be growing up: I did want to be an architect once upon a time, but now I want to be a recreational specialist or a naturalist in state parks.

Famous relatives: I have no famous relatives. Well actually my brother is an author and does public speaking. He's about as close as it gets.

Who would you most like to meet: I would love to meet my biological parents. I have no clue who they are. It'd be like finding a missing piece to a puzzle, exciting and satisfying. If I could just see who gave me my short genes, I would be complete!

Someone you follow on Twitter: me no like Twitter

Service or philanthropic activities: I really enjoy volunteering at nature parks.