Anni Titchenal
Anni Titchenal
Lizton, IN / Tri-West Hendricks
Anni's Bio

Anni Titchenal is from Lizton, IN and a graduate of Tri-West Hendricks High School.

Her parents are David and Debra Titchenal.
Five Questions with Anni

Your guilty pleasure: I love watermelon. I eat whole ones by myself. I also love watching old movies. "Friends" show!!!!

What did you want to be growing up: I did want to be an architect once upon a time, but now I want to be a recreational specialist or a naturalist in state parks.

Who do you pattern your game after: I'd have to say my coaches and my high school best friend, she was a fantastic runner.

Special sports accomplishments: I've gotten two academic awards for cross-country in high school. I also got one attitude award and one most valuable award for high school cross-country. Last track season at Hanover I made the All-Time Top Five for steeplechase and kept breaking and breaking new PR's.

Other athletes in your family: My older brother does karate, my aunt plays tennis, and my cousins run.