Cami Trachtman
Cami Trachtman
Carmel, IN / Carmel
Cami's Bio

Cami Trachtman is from Carmel, IN and a graduate of Carmel High School.

Her parents are Courtney and Jim Trachtman.
Five Questions with Cami

Any stupid human tricks or abilities: I can shape my tongue into a clove. It's really not all too impressive.

Person who pushes you or makes you better: My dad definitely pushes me to do my best. He knows how I race and how I practice and knows when I'm not trying my hardest. Even though I sometimes get annoyed when he points that out, it makes me work harder ultimately.

Someone you follow on Twitter: I follow Justin Bieber on Twitter. No shame.

Who is your role model: My role model is an old teammate of mine named Alex. When I first started running, she really encouraged me to work hard and persevere through hardships of running. She's now a junior running at Miami of Ohio.

Road trip stories: This is a scary story. On the way to a track meet with my high school team, we came to a stop behind another bus at a railroad crossing to let the train cross. We heard the train coming and all of a sudden we heard pounding coming from the bus in front of us. That bus drove too far into the intersection of the road and railroad, and was in serious danger of the train hitting the bus. We saw a bunch of scared girls pounding on the back of the bus signaling for our bus to back up-- but there was a line of traffic behind us. We watched in horror as the train came towards the train. Luckily they missed a collision by a few mere inches. It might have been one of the most nerve-wracking moments of my life, but luckily everyone was fine.