Cami Trachtman
Cami Trachtman
Carmel, IN / Carmel
Cami's Bio

Cami Trachtman is from Carmel, IN and a graduate of Carmel High School.

Her parents are Courtney and Jim Trachtman.
Five Questions with Cami

Favorite part of Hanover outside of class: Running with the team and being a Chi Omega

Road trip stories: In high school, we were on the way to an indoor track meet when we got caught in traffic behind train tracks. There was one bus in front of us, and their driver had pulled too far into the intersection of the road and tracks, and the bus was about to be hit by the train. The team members all ran to the back of the bus, pounding on the window, signaling for us to back up so that they could avoid being hit- but there was a line of traffic behind us. All we could do was watch in horror...but luckily, the train missed the front of the bus by a mere few inches. Thank goodness for a happy ending.

Superstitions: I still lift my feet up in the air when I cross railroad tracks in a car or on a bus. I don't want bad luck.

Someone you follow on Twitter: Taylor Swift

What do you like to do outside of your sport: Outside of running I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, being a part of Chi Omega, planning Dance Marathon for Riley Hospital for Children, reading, hiking, watching movies, and singing too loudly.