Rebecca Tumlin
Rebecca Tumlin
Harrison, OH / Mother of Mercy
Rebecca's Bio

Rebecca Tumlin is from Harrison, OH and a graduate of Mother of Mercy High School.

Her parents are Sandy and Doug Tumlin.
Five Questions with Rebecca

Famous relatives: I do not have any famous relatives that I know of! That would be pretty cool to have one though!

Favorite part of Hanover outside of class: Definitely the campus and the size. When I was looking at schools, I wanted a school not to far away, not too big, and had a nice campus and good curriculum. I found all of that in Hanover. Hanover is an hour and fifteen minutes from my house which, for me, is the perfect distance away from home. I grew up going to a small grade school, in a small town, and I knew every body in high school. I wanted the same thing at college. I like being able to say hi to everyone and being friendly to people. The campus is beautiful. I love the fact that it sits right on the Ohio River and is in such a beautiful town. The curriculum at Hanover is going to challenge me and that's exactly what I wanted from a school. I want the challenge to do good and to be my best.

Must-hear song before competing: Before my high school basketball games, I had to hear the YMCA before every game. I would dance to it too! It's actually a good pump up song.

Any stupid human tricks or abilities: I do not think I have any stupid human tricks or abilities!

Superstitions: I am very superstitious. I have had my friends tell me it's bad before. For soccer games, whenever we won a game I would not wash my socks. We would win three or four games in a row and they would never leave my bag or be washed. I believed it would take the good luck off of them. For basketball, I wore the same sports bra and spandex for every game. I had to do the same routine before every game. I always stood in the same place for passing drills and pre-game warm ups. We had to sing the "Our Father" before every game too. When we would sing, we would all stand in a circle and hold hands and sing. I always had to hold the same people's hands in the circle. I always had to hear the YMCA before basketball games, also. I am very superstitious when it comes to sports. I don't like when things throw me off before a game. My routine should be the same every time.