Tricia Walsh
Tricia Walsh
Amelia, OH / Archbishop McNicholas
Tricia's Bio

Tricia Walsh is from Amelia, OH and a graduate of Archbishop McNicholas High School.

Her parents are Michael and Mildred Walsh, Jr..

The senior forward is a Biology major at Hanover.

Five Questions with Tricia

Superstitions: I have to drink a Crystal Light Energy before every game or meet. Also, before soccer games the team dances to the Wobble.

Your guilty pleasure: Sour Patch Kids and any type of sweet.

Who do you pattern your game after: I pattern my game after Alex Morgan.

Any stupid human tricks or abilities: I really don't have any.

Person who pushes you or makes you better: My dad pushes me to make myself better. My twin brother also pushes me to do my best.

Career Statistics
OFFENSE               GP    G    A  Pts Shots Shot%  SOG  SOG%  GW
2011................  12    3    1    7    12  .250    9  .750   0
2012................  14    7    1   15    30  .233   19  .633   2
TOTAL...............  26   10    2   22    42  .238   28  .667   2