John Finley Crowe Society

When John Finley Crowe founded the academy that would ultimately become Hanover College, he did so with the belief that a "good classical education (is) essential to a full development of the human mind and to that discipline of its powers." So strong was his conviction of its advantages, as well as the desire to make it available as widely as possible, that he set the tuition "at the unusually low rate of five dollars per session, or ten dollars per year."

More than 180 years later, our Founder's dream of an exceptional education for everyone lives on. But his vision would not have become a reality without the support of our faithful donors. These individuals and organizations have understood the importance of private higher education; their gifts have acknowledged their belief in Hanover's mission of lifelong inquiry, transformative learning and meaningful service.

To recognize and honor the generations of donors who have given so sacrificially, Hanover College announces the formation of The John Finley Crowe Society. Membership in the Society begins with those whose lifetime contributions total at least $100,000 and includes the following four levels:

  • Founder: $1,000,000
  • Benefactor: $500,000
  • Fellow: $250,000
  • Ambassador: $100,000

While much about the College has changed since 1827, one thing remains constant. By demonstrating an exemplary level of commitment, Hanover's supporters have instilled a culture of philanthropy that is an essential and important part of our success. As we move toward the future, it is imperative that this culture remains a brightly burning beacon to inspire future donors. Hanoverians all over the world who have benefitted from their generosity are and will continue to be deeply grateful.


Mary V. Black
James Graham Brown 1903
James Graham Brown Foundation
Clyde G. Culbertson
William Henry Donner 1887
Percy E. Goodrich
Ethyl Goodrich
Patricia Stockton Hagenah 1966
William J. Hagenah
Dora Donner Ide
Independent Colleges of Indiana, Inc.
Ronald G. Kleopfer 1951
Carolyn Kleopfer
Krannert Charitable Trust
Mark A. Levett 1971
Marabeth Ice Levett 1971 
Lilly Endowment Inc.
Ruth Lilly
Charles J. Lynn
Dorothy Black Lynn
James T. McManaman 1939
Carolyn E. McManaman
Paul Ogle Foundation, Inc.
The Richter Trusts
Paul K. Richter Memorial Fund
Evalyn Cook Richter Memorial Fund
John C. Shoemaker '64
Donna D. Shoemaker
Synod of Lincoln Trails,
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
Patricia L. Walne 1954
Howard H. Withrow 1960
Jo Ann Flubacher Withrow 1963


John H. Barnard 1965
Susan Barnard
Dorothy S. Bucks
Carroll W. Cheek
Mabel Cheek
William G. Crosby 1932
Basil B. Dulin
Julia L. Dulin
Larry Gloyd 1954
Del Lear Gloyd 1955
Jim Green 1972
Carol Godfrey Green 1974
Clarence O. Hamilton
Ernest E.  Henning
Harry J. Henry 1939
Ada Martin Henry 1940 
Emma M. Hill 1942
Gerald R. Johnson, Jr. 1969
Elizabeth Milligan Johnson 1970
Eli Lilly and Company Foundation
Donald T. Mount 1950
Fern Susnick Mount
Lester H. Munzenmayer 1925
Marie Rueff Munzenmayer 1927
James W. Near 1960
Nancy Hinchman Near 1961
Nicholas H. Noyes
Marguerite L. Noyes
Merritt E. Peck 1950
C. Richard Petticrew
Sylvia E. Petticrew
Eileen M. Sinclair
Chester Siver
Margaret Rogers Siver 1935
Frank L. and Laura L. Smock Foundation
Alex E. Stom
Patience Dryden Stom 1927
Eleanor Evans Stout
Elizabeth Goodrich Terry
William E. Wilson 1919
Myrtle Huffman Wilson 1922
Michael B. Zeddies 1977
Judy Zeddies


Anonymous (3)
Lyman S. Ayres
Eric J. Bedel
Elaine E. Kops Bedel 1974
Bonnie Beggs Berliner 1944
George C. Burkert, Jr. 1935
Maxine Lockridge Burkert 1934 
Katheryn Cain 1937
Eldon Campbell
Helen J. Campbell
The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations
Duke Energy Foundation
Susanne Talmage Ellman 1965
Martin Ellman
Irma L. Everitt
Wells H. Fish 1932
Louise Fish
Paul Vernon Fitzgibbon 1919
Margaret M. Fitzgibbon
Mary Louise Greiner
The Austin E. Knowlton Foundation, Inc.
Robert F. Muhlhauser 1967
Jane Weldon Myers
Helen Manville Plasters
Tam Polson 1952
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
Reilly Foundation
Peter C. Reilly
Jeanette P. Reilly
Harley W. Rhodehamel
Evaline Rhodehamel
Warren T. Ruddell
Michael F. Ryan
Phyllis Ryan
Second Presbyterian Church
of Indianapolis
Richard A. Shearer 1970
Ruth Schalk Shearer 1970
Stephen K. Smith 1964
Harriet J. Smock
James W. Stephen 1950
Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation
Wills Foundation
Carolyn Thomas Wooden
Kenneth T. Young 1965
Linda Young


Charles Alling 1885
Ralph H. Anderson 1931
Naomi Whitcomb Anderson 1931
Ralph Whitcomb Anderson 1958
Ann Taff Anderson 1958
Jane Schnabel Bakerman 1953
Ball Brothers Foundation
George and Frances Ball Foundation
Dennis A. Barnette 1963
Robert  R. Baylor 1970
Beth Baylor
William M. Boatman 1962
Lynn Bolles Boatman 1962
Bruce K. Bowden 1954
Barbara Pattison Bowden 1954
Donald G. Brouillette
Marilyn S. Brouillettte
Elizabeth S. Brushfield 1927
Alberta Burke
Mary Stella Carr 1948
Edith Crowe
Carl S. Culbertson, Jr. 
The Cummins Foundation
Deubener Juenemann Foundation
Sue DeWine
J. Michael DeWine
The William H. Donner Foundation
William L. Dustman
Allen Everitt
Mildred Everitt
Foundation for Science and Theology
Newell Fox
Virginia Fox
William E. Franklin 1935
Evelyn Franklin
Martha L. Frost 1921
Mark B. Gabriel 1970
Jennifer Lawrence Gabriel
Michael E. Garber 1901
Bess H. Garber
James R. Gaunt 1967
Catherine M. Gaunt
Kenneth L. Gladish 1974
Kendal Hegamaster Gladish 1975
Gregory L. Gleason 1972
Kristine Rector Gleason 1973
Jack Edwin Gray
Carlton E. Gregg 1933
Ruth J. Gregg
The Hagerman Group
Richard Hall 1967
Jill Wood Hall 1968
Thomas C. Hamman 1972
Susan Hamman
Jay William Hammer, Jr.
Jean K. Hammer
May Lou Conner Harris 1933
Robert Hartkemeier
Emma Hartkemeier
H. Max Healey 1936
Martha Roberts Healey
Louis A. Highmark
Marguerite Holthausen Highmark
Vincent L. Holmstrom
Emerson B. Houck
Jane Hanna Houck
Ross K. Hubbard 1974
Diana Hubbard
Michael L. Hunting 1968
Laura Hunting
Hux Family Charitable Trust
Arthur Iddings 1913
Gladys Iddings
Inland Steel
Ryerson Foundation
Roger Jackson 1952
Marian Jackson
Richard E. Kessler 1942
Louis E. Kincannon
Carolyn W. Kincannon
The Kresge Foundation
Russell M. Kutz
Geoffrey R. Lorenz 1965
Niel Phillips Lorenz 1967
Bertha Margason
Boyce F. Martin, Jr.
Thomas Benton May 1950
Carmethia Ann May
John Philip McGeath 1962
Marianne Frank McGeath 1965
Marjorie Teetor Meyer
John N. Miller 1962
Frederic M. Mullett
Thelma Mullett
M. Louise Naill 1951
Richard E. Neal 1950
Florence Olin Neal 1951
Robert D. Orr
Francis M. Overstreet
Shep Pawling 1960
Corrine Neff Pawling 1963
James L. Pease III 1968
Laura Reid Pease 1968
James M. Plaskett 1930
Procter & Gamble
River Valley Financial Bank
Sallie W. Rowland
Richard H. Rowland
Henry C. Ryder
Emma Salla
Philippe A. Salsbery 1985
Lorene Dekko Salsbery 1984
Phillip D. Scott 1964
Ronda Martin Scott 1966
Floyd W. Seib
William Dana Shelby, Jr. 1933
Mary Jean Drake Shelby 1933
Wilhelmina F. Shirtz
Earl Simmonds
Florence Simmonds
Henry R. Smith
James M. Snyder, Sr. 1957
James E. Spicer 1950
Shirley Hughes Spicer 1950
Alice Klump Stauber 1945
Blanche Stillson
Hazel Stuart
James B. Sturges 1954
Jere Hawley Sturges 1957
Stan Totten
Sue Totten
Carrie Underwood
Donald A. Veller
Frances Brindley Veller
Nevin E. Wagner 1966
Mary L. Wallace
Dorothy Hall Weick 1927
Christopher C. J. Welker 1997
Lori Helton Welker 1997
Harold Keith White
Gwendolyn B. White
Mark I. Williams 1976
Denise Vestal Williams
Chuck Wolf
Nola Mary Thackery Wolf 1972
Xerox Foundation
Thomas D. Young 1939
Margaret Flora Young 1939

While we have conducted exhaustive research to ensure the accuracy of this list, please understand the inherent difficulties of locating and verifying decades-old data. We invite inquiries about membership and assistance in verification of others.