Initiative 1

Strengthen Academic Distinctiveness

Total for Goal: $11,750,000

An offer to attend Hanover College is an invitation to live for four years on one of the most beautiful campuses in America.

It’s more than that, however. It’s also an invitation to explore the world as an individual member of a community of learners. Exploring the world from Hanover College entails not only a challenging academic program, but also a unique array of educational travel, internship and research opportunities — all with exceptional professors and vibrant fellow students. Most students literally journey beyond the confines of campus and country to pursue their intellectual, artistic and cultural interests.

Donated funds will enhance these critical areas by establishing the following:

International Study Abroad Center

Hanover students graduate into an increasingly global and highly competitive world; preparing them to thrive and succeed in this kind of community is paramount. Presently, Hanover’s unique spring term provides many students a meaningful four-week international educational or service experience. The College maintains a robust array of semester-abroad programs, some in partnership with leading overseas institutions.
Hanover recognizes the value of every student having the chance to study internationally. Currently, more than 60 percent of Hanover students avail themselves of these opportunities, which could grow to 75 percent with the new Global Scholars Program. An endowed International Study Abroad Center will make that opportunity attainable for all our students, guide them to existing international study options, build new alliances with overseas institutions and assist faculty in developing new international learning experiences.

Domestic Off-Campus Study Fund

Domestic off-campus study and service programs during the College’s spring term and other times are a dyamic part of Hanover’s curriculum. Often arranged and planned by student initiative, past examples include travel to New Orleans to assist with post-Katrina rebuilding, internships in American art museums, intensive study of geological formations in the Grand Canyon, assistantships in private and academic laboratories and on-site exploration of Native American cultures. These experiences complement classroom learning and frequently  motivate students toward pursuing post-graduate study, research or career opportunities.

Business Scholars Program

The acclaimed Business Scholars Program provides students with a way to augment the proven value of a liberal arts education — critical thinking, clarity of communication and breadth of knowledge — along with skills needed for business. Exposure to business practices and principles reinforces demanding internships in local and national business settings. These internships supply Business Scholars with hands-on experiences and often lead to post-graduation job offers.

The program’s director, a Hanover alumnus, brings lessons learned from an extensive and successful business career, and all Business Scholars professors have similar real-world résumés. Admission is competitive, and the program draws students from nearly every discipline, ranging from art students planning to open galleries to science students with an entrepreneurial dream.

Numerous Hanover alumni serve as mentors, internship hosts and guest instructors. The Business Scholars Program is winning a national reputation as a model strategy for melding the liberal arts and a business education. Donated funds will expand this demanding and popular program and make it sustainable through:

  • A $500,000 endowed Internship Fund that will expand the Business Scholars Program by meeting the cost of required internships for more students.
  • A $250,000 student-directed Student Investment Fund that will teach finance students to make informed investment decisions that have real-time and real word financial consequences. Fund income realized by the student investment managers will help underwrite the cost of student internships.

Rivers Scholars/Environmental Studies  

Hanover College encompasses a beautiful and ecologically rich natural setting, a strong history of teaching in the natural sciences and the flourishing Rivers Institute. These assets align directly with increasing interest among students for involvement and careers in resource management, energy efficiency and other environmental fields. Hanover’s new Environmental Studies Program brings these offerings together to meet students’  environmental interests and aspirations. The disciplines and programs involved have always provided numerous student-research opportunities; every year Hanover students are co-authors on papers in professional journals, and the Environmental Studies Program continues and strengthens this practice. These programs, particularly the Rivers Institute, also conduct effective outreach to communities and prospective students beyond the College. Two separate $1,000,000 endowed funds are sought:

  • The first fund will underwrite the Student Fellowship Program initiated by The Lilly Endowment and managed by the Rivers Institute. This fellowship allows students to conduct research, serve as interns or engage in community education in an environmental field. The program welcomes students from all academic disciplines, and the funded projects are creative, varied and often life changing for participants.
  • The second endowed fund, Environmental Stewardship, will identify and nurture local and regional environmental studies opportunities for students and advance environmental and sustainability initiatives on campus, including recycling, organic gardening and energy reduction measures already begun by students. A portion of the fund will underwrite a Director of Environmental Stewardship to lead these efforts, resulting in energy savings, economic recycling programs and an outdoor activities program for student recreation, fitness and leisure.

Faculty Quest Grants for Academic Initiatives  

This endowed fund will supply the resources, approximately $100,000 per year, needed by faculty to develop and implement new courses, programs and learning approaches. Four $25,000 annual awards are anticipated from the endowed fund and applications from faculty for funding will be competitive. Quest grants will stimulate innovation in all academic disciplines by supporting new curricular design and the adoption of best-practice learning strategies, along with innovative student experiences throughout Hanover’s academic programs, both in and out of the classroom.

Quest Grants for Instructional Technology

The use of ever-changing technology pervades all areas of scholarship, commerce and life. Consequently, preparing students for graduate school, the professions or a career necessitates providing them with appropriate expertise in managing, analyzing and presenting information electronically. Often used in conjunction with Faculty Quest Grants, this endowed fund will provide monies to purchase, install and maintain classroom technology for advanced teaching and learning methods, and for delivering the training and education that students need to employ technology effectively in their careers.

Campus Speakers Program

Bringing renowned and accomplished men and women to campus to speak — and to spend time informally with students — enriches the campus conversation by introducing diverse points of view that are the essence of a liberal arts education. It also represents a form of public service for the College, allowing it to offer an intellectual, artistic or cultural experience for local community members. Recent speakers have included famed primatologist Jane Goodall, Bill Nye the Science Guy, environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and ocean explorer Jean-Michel Cousteau. Their presence sparked vibrant campus conversation and has brought greater prestige and visibility to Hanover. The funding of an endowed Campus Speakers Program will allow the continuation of this notable program after present grant funding expires in 2012.

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