Initiative 2

Energize Social Experiences

Total for Goal: $5,000,000

Hanover College understands that quality social experiences outside the classroom are integral to a complete education and an essential advantage of a small college. Skill in conversation, a sense of empathy, the capacity to work with others and to lead effectively — all are uncovered and nurtured in daily social and extra-curricular interactions among a wide variety of student encounters.

The campus presents an array of social opportunities and is the hub for student social life. The College encourages a wide range of student organizations — many of which students initiate — and provides spaces on campus where students may gather and interact.

The J. Graham Brown Campus Center is the central venue for students to get together, whether for a meal or one of more than 60 student organization meetings. Built in 1967, the Brown Campus Center remains an excellent building but is in need of updating and modernizing to make it more open, attractive, inviting and responsive to students’ needs.

The Phase I renovation of the Student Activities Center, located in the former swimming pool area, opened for students in fall 2010. Planned and designed by students and made possible by donors, this extremely successful project and very popular student hangout sets the stage for the much-anticipated Phase II.

Likewise, both the main student dining room and the casual dining area, now called The Underground, will expand to offer dining experiences and dietary options better aligned with today’s generation of health-conscious students. When complete, the Campus Center and the newly enhanced Shoebox will together provide an appealing range of gathering places for the Hanover community, each with a distinctive ambience, good service and an array of dietary choices.

As the student body grows and student activities increase, the demand for funding and the need for professional staff support does also. Such advisory support is critical, because student organizations and activities have proven to be ideal settings for students to gain hands-on leadership, organizational skills and management experience. The Shoebox, for instance, is now entirely student-managed, with everything from menus to marketing overseen by students from the Business Scholars Program, and for the first time in its operation makes a profit.

The Live Our Loyalty Campaign seeks funding to enhance and energize social and extracurricular life through two key physical plant investments and an endowed fund to invigorate social programming.

Student Activities Center Phase II

Contributions toward the second and final phase will execute a significant renovation of the Campus Center; expanding the opportunities for students to socialize and creating additional dedicated space for student organizations and the Office of Student Life.

Renovation of the Dining Room and Student Casual Dining Area

These gifts will expand the casual eating environment and modernize the main student dining area, making both more attractive and congenial places for students to gather for meals and linger over conversation.

Social Life Programming

Donated funds will create an endowment, where the Office of Student Life staff will use the annual income to assist students in developing and managing their student organizations. It will also create student leadership opportunities, offer outdoor recreational and challenge activities, and fund campus-wide social events and concerts — all of which will enliven and energize the campus while raising Hanover’s profile.

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