Initiative 3

Build Competitive Outdoor Athletic Facilities 

Total for Goal: $6,000,000

A remarkable 40 percent of Hanover students participate in intercollegiate athletics every year. There they find an outlet for their competitive instincts, an opportunity to realize, and perhaps exceed, their potential and a means for learning lifetime lessons of discipline and teamwork. Equally important, Hanover athletes experience camaraderie and pride by representing their team and their college well.

As evidenced by the successes of fall and winter sports teams in 2010-2011, the quality and performance of Hanover’s student-athletes brings pride to all who love Hanover. The coaching staffs recruit young people who excel on the field and courts, as well as in the classroom. Quantitative successes breed higher aspirations and dreams for greater achievements. They also enhance success in recruiting and retention, which lead to higher graduation rates.

It is time for Hanover College to dramatically improve outdoor athletic facilities, at a level that the athletes and coaches deserve, the alumni, parents and boosters expect and prospective and accomplished student-athletes recognize as among the most competitive in the region.
The following are priority investments for outdoor athletic facilities:

Outdoor Athletic Center
About 75 percent of all our student athletes, approximately 300 students, compete in outdoor sports. Each outdoor team needs access to locker rooms, training rooms and equipment rooms. To accommodate coaches, officials and fans, plans call for a stadium press box with restrooms, a concession stand, locker rooms for coaches and officials, adequate facilities for visiting teams and a President’s Box. Donated funds will renovate the present stadium and construct and attach an additional building for the new facilities.

Soccer, Softball, Tennis and Baseball Facilities
Donated funds will improve dugouts, install scoreboards, construct press boxes and add bleachers to the soccer, softball and baseball fields, and improve the dugouts for the latter two sports. The College has also constructed eight new tennis courts at the newly dedicated Zeddies Tennis Center.

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