Initiative 4

Recognize Quality Students

Total for Goal: $8,000,000

Hanover College alumni are consistent in saying that the ability to work with people of many cultures, races and nations has been critical in their careers. They  report assignments overseas, where they negotiate with global suppliers and customers or as members of diverse teams in management and research.

Given the rapid and continuing growth in global relationships, Hanover understands the importance of preparing students to work effectively and respectfully with people from every nation by developing broad understandings of cultures. These experiences are essential for students’ career growth and to becoming leaders in their communities.

Hanover’s ability to financially support academically prepared and motivated students, in order to fulfill our mission of lifelong inquiry, transformative learning and meaningful service, must be secured and protected. The College will seek and reward students who can bring uncommon life-enriching cultural experiences, diverse perspectives and a desire to share and learn from classmates throughout their four years.

Accordingly, the College seeks $8,000,000 in endowment for scholarships for emphasis directed in four distinct areas:

  • Merit Awards: Funds will recognize and recruit academically gifted students, typically National Merit Scholars, salutatorians, valedictorians and others, who present specific academic distinction. The competition for these high-achieving students is intense because they bring great value by contributing academically and raising the expectations of classmates.
  • Global Scholars: As described earlier, one of Hanover’s unique aspects is the range and variety of international-study opportunities and the substantial personal and academic gains that students accrue when they participate. Global scholarships are awarded to students of academic merit and include the cost of a spring term international experience.
  • Legacy Scholarships: For years,
    Hanover College has witnessed the special bonds formed when alumni children and grandchildren enroll. The College recognizes and encourages generations of alumni families. Scholarship funds targeted at prospective legacy students will be tangible proof of Hanover’s appreciation and will give the Office of Admission and Financial Assistance a powerful tool to recruit more legacies.
  • Scholarships for Under-Represented Groups: Hanover has significantly increased the diversity of its students. As an example, students of color and international students have increased from a low of five percent of the student body four years ago to 15 percent in fall 2010. Donated funds will support concerted efforts to improve the geographic and cultural diversity of the student body.

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