Dutch Struck Challenge

The Dutch Struck Challenge
During his 22 years at Hanover as a football and baseball coach, Dr. R. F. “Dutch” Struck became an athletic director, a father figure and a true ambassador for the College. With his magnetic personality, Struck encouraged his students and players to strive for the highest ideals, as illustrated in the following excerpt from one of his poems:

LIFE is like a game of football,
But you play it every day;
And you don’t win by the breaks you get,
But how well the game you play.

Coach Struck would be proud of how well our students still play the game. However, the facilities in which they compete fall short of our highest ideals. Continue the legacy of his vision by making a gift to the outdoor athletic complex in Coach Struck’s honor.

Naming Opportunities for Dutch Struck Challenge

Outdoor Athletic Center
Press Box $250,000
President’s Box $100,000
Training Room $100,000
Football Locker room $100,000
Men’s Locker Room #1 $50,000
Men’s Locker Room #2 $50,000
Indoor Golf Practice Area $50,000
Stadium Tunnel $50,000
Lobby $50,000
Football Scoreboard $50,000
Visitors’ Locker Room $25,000
Men’s Coaches Locker room $25,000
Coaches’ Meeting Room $25,000
Officials’ Locker Room $25,000
Challenge Recognition Plaque $3,000 **
Individual Lockers $1,500 **

Baseball Field
Press Box $50,000
Dugout (2) $40,000
Scoreboard $25,000
Recognition Plaque $10,000

Soccer Field $200,000
Press Box $50,000
Scoreboard $25,000
Team Bench (2) $10,000 -
Recognition Plaque $10,000

Zeddies Tennis Center
Tennis Courts (8) $40,000
Recognition Plaque $10,000
Bench (24) $5,000

**These naming opportunities are for individual gifts given over a maximum of three years. Other opportunities are for gifts over five years. A Struck challenge plaque will be placed in the lobby of the outdoor athletic facility.

For more information, please contact Abbe Ernstes, Director of Leadership Giving, at ernstes@hanover.edu or (812) 866-7015.