Live Our Loyalty Campaign Overview

The Live Our Loyalty Campaign is a natural progression from a comprehensive, college-wide strategic planning process that established ambitious targets for recruitment and retention for the six-year period that ends in 2015.

The College’s plan is to achieve a historic enrollment of 1200 students by 2014 and 1400 students by 2016; an increase of 20 percent over fall 2010. In addition to increasing the size of each entering class, Hanover must also retain a higher percentage of enrolling students and assure their persistence to graduation.

The Live Our Loyalty Campaign will support Hanover College to attain its strategic targets by funding four objectives that will enrich the value of the total student experience:

  • Strengthen academic distinctiveness by enhancing signature educational experiences, particularly in international study, business preparation and environmental science; extending these experiences to additional disciplines through innovative approaches to learning.
  • Energize social experiences by improving the campus’ social and co-curricular life; completing the renovation of student dining and student life facilities, to accommodate growth and facilitate social interaction.
  • Build competitive outdoor athletic facilities to support recruitment of student-athletes and their participation, sustain competitiveness and create another point of pride for students and alumni.
  • Recognize quality students by providing the scholarship resources necessary to recruit and support outstanding students from varying populations, including legacy, international, economically disadvantaged and high achievers.

Hanover has momentum. Campus morale is high. The connection of alumni is strong and growing, commensurate with Hanover’s enhanced reputation, visibility and most of all, the value and quality of their Hanover degrees.

Securing financial investments for the compelling objectives of academic enrichment, athletic facilities and social life opportunities is at the heart of the Live Our Loyalty Campaign. These investments, combined with student scholarships, are essential to provide a valuable experience for students and produce alumni prepared to assume leadership roles in society.

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