Live Our Loyalty: A message from Sue DeWine

Excitement and momentum are building at Hanover!

Hanover College has a strong, proud tradition of achievement that began almost 184 years ago. As we celebrate our past with admiration, we can look toward the future with hope.

Consider this:

  • First year classes have increased 42 percent in three years.
  • Retention rates (first-year to second-year enrollment) of 94.7 percent at mid-year, along with our graduation rates, are at an all-time high.
  • In the last two years, an average of 30 percent of our graduates went on to graduate or professional schools, a rate that is among the highest in the country.
  • Recruitment for athletics and membership in Greek organizations are on the increase; these are two activities linked to high graduation rates.
  • The percent of students of color and international students has increased from five to 15 percent of the incoming class.

These examples confirm a commitment to our core mission: to provide a premier liberal arts education in a supportive community of scholars and students.

The College has a clear picture of how to seize this energy by expanding extraordinary opportunities for students. 

Hanover College is well positioned to grow in both quality and reputation.

Now is our moment.

The Board of Trustees has committed to the plan of action defined in this document; a plan that adds value to the Hanover experience by focusing exclusively on student experiences. We will:  

  • strengthen key areas of academic distinction
  • enhance student social experiences
  • improve outdoor athletic facilities
  • assure that all students who meet our academic standards have the resources to attend the college of their choice, Hanover College.

We will significantly increase the number of students studying abroad, strengthen the liberal arts through innovative curriculum proposals, expand student social activities, improve the experience for the student-athlete and support talented students with scholarships.
To reach these goals we will call on our alumni and friends to reflect on the Hanover experiences that shaped their lives and respond generously to the objectives of the plan. I invite your loyal and enthusiastic giving for the exceptional students of Hanover College. They are our future and they need and deserve our support.

Sue DeWine, President