Musical Gifts

Hanover College wants to thank those who have made a gift of a musical instrument to the College.  This page will be updated on a regular basis and is a way to let everyone know about these special gifts.  The gifts are listed in order by the date received.  If there is inaccurate or missing information, please contact:  Abbe Ernstes, Director of Leadership Giving at 812-866-7015, or by email:  Thank you.

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Dr. and Mrs. David M. Mruzek7/12/2012To the Duggan Library - 7 Music Books
Mr. Kim Razor5/04/2012Armstrong 102 Flute
Dr. Normund K. Auzins '922/24/2012Maplewood Timbre Tuned Drum Kit: 1 snarr, bass, floor tom, 2 tom toms, cymbols
Mr. Paul Hildebrand11/07/2011Theatre Department: 2 Spanish Plays (Props, music, sound and projection)
Mr. Nevin (Nev) E. Wagner ’6611/01/2011Trombone and Case
Mrs. Shannon Veach Gibbs ’9110/05/2011Clarinet
Mrs. Rhonda Burch7/19/2011Blessing Trombone
Mr. Lance M. and Mrs. Jacqueline Roberts5/13/2011Clark Irish Harp, Bench, Tuner, Video
Ms. Erica Ann Abrams ’114/20/2011Beginner's Flute
Ms. Melissa Enstrom4/07/2011Trombone
Dr. Jennifer Westbay ’684/07/2011Violin made in 1902
Dr. and Mrs. Darrin Rubino3/31/2011Flute and case
Dr. Robert (Bob) J. Rosenthal and Dr. Vicki Lynn Jenkins ’783/11/2011Oboe
Mr. Gerald R. (Jerry) ’69 and Mrs. Betsy Milligan ’70 Johnson3/11/2011Bundy Wooden Oboe
Mr. Stephen Wylder and Mrs. Kathleen C. Wylder3/07/2011Blessing Trumpet
Mrs. Katherine D. Gullen ’672/28/2011Clarinet
Mr. Michael D. ’67 and Mrs. Jo Ellen Spahr ’66 Rush2/28/2011Cornet with case
Mr. Bruce E. ’74 and Mrs. Arleta Retcher ’74 Breeden2/21/2011Clarinet and Cello
Mr. Michael D. ’67 and Mrs. Jo Ellen Spahr ’66 Rush2/21/2011Fleugelhorn with case and stand
Mr. Mark D. ’86 and Mrs. Danica (Dana) Hollar ’86 Lawrence2/12/2011Flute
Dr. Sue DeWine12/01/2010Flute