Safety & Security

The Hanover College campus and the Hanover community have always been considered safe places to live, study and work. Rare tragic events that have occurred on other campuses are unsettling to all of us.  We want you to know that safeguarding your child's and the campus community's welfare is always a priority.  Please review the update below regarding our current emergency procedures and state of preparedness.

Emergency Procedures

We review our campus emergency action plan annually, and afterwards distribute these procedures to key personnel throughout the campus. This plan includes a rapid response to secure all buildings, a notification process to the campus community about the current situation via our Emergency Alert system and a list of duties for all personnel in Campus Security and Student Life. These plans were created in consultation with local and state authorities and their support will remain an important part of our management of any emergency.

Where to go for information

In an emergency, the Hanover website will be your key source for information. We will post important information on the home page when necessary to keep you updated as quickly as possible.

Additional safety tips & resources

We would also encourage your child to follow all campus safety guidelines that are available within their residence hall or Greek house and through our website.

Campus safety information is also available through Safety and the Parent Guide. We also provide counseling, as well as chaplain services, to all students that may feel overwhelmed or just need to talk to a professional counselor.