Life at Hanover

Campus traditions? We've had them for decades. Same thing with our more than 60 student-led clubs; you can even create your own. Go off campus and take a trip that crosses the U.S. where you'll have ample chances to make even more friendships. Seriously, there'll be so much to do, you'll really need to work on your time management skills.

Hello Neighbor

Say good morning to your favorite professor as you head to the Campus Center for your morning coffee or tea. They’ll be there too, because a third of our faculty and staff live right here on campus. Later on, it’s not unusual for students to eat dinner with a professor or cram for a final at their home.

Great Minds, Great Works

We don’t do English 101 here. Your core requirements at Hanover have names like Great Works, the Examined Life and Modern Society. Instead of basic writing assignments, you’ll combine literature, writing and public speaking with theology, philosophy, art, history, sociology and science so you get the whole picture. Explore the writings relating to mysticism or the Middle East and Asia. Then study people in groups or Latin America cinema.  Your classes here are anything but boring.

After Class

Burn off excess energy when the academic day is done by shooting hoops in the Horner Center, playing ultimate Frisbee on The Quad or catching a movie in Madison. You also won't want to miss the annual all-campus wiffleball tournament in the spring or The Shoebox, a student-run bar and restaurant located on campus. By taking advantage of all the activities on- and off-campus, you can get the other half of your college life going.

Beautiful, Naturally

We’re the only campus in Indiana that has more than 650 wooded acres for you to explore. Our outdoor labs give you unlimited access to plant and animal life that will take your appreciation of our environment to a whole new level. You’ll trek down to the river bank to study water snakes on the Ohio or collect fossils in Happy Valley, our students' favorite wooded getaway. When class is over, grab a friend and go hiking. Just relax and take in the views.

Outside Hanover

Hanover is located next to Madison, the largest historic district in Indiana. Madison's downtown is filled with artisans, restaurants and specialty shops - perfect for a quick escape or for when your parents visit.